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We all know that most of our earth surface is full of water and lakes make our earth more beautiful. There are two types of lakes i.e. fresh water and salt water. Our natural environment is full of beautiful things and lakes are one of them. Some of the Highest Lakes are very hard to access we have to do more trek and hard walk through mountains or plains to find them. There are some lakes which are at very high altitude and some of them are mentioned below.

List of top 5 lakes in the world:-

1. Nevado Ojos Del Salado – Argentina Chile border.

Area wise, diameter of this lake is only 100 metres and depth is 10 metres. This lake is situated at the highest volcanic area of the world which is 6,893 m (22,615 ft) . It is the highest mountain in Chile and second highest mountain in western and southern hemisphere.

2. Lhagba pool, Tibet.

It is one of the highest lakes of Himalayan range with altitude of 6,358m from sea level. Due to very cold temperature of water and less oxygen level, only few peoples are able to go there. As it is on very high altitude, not much is known about this lake which has added more interest to know about this beautiful creation of nature.

3.  Changtse Pool Tibet .

Changtse is the third World highest lake with altitude of 6216m from sea level with the diameter of 180m and depth of 230m. It is linked with the Mount Everest and discovered by GEORGE MALLORY’S ILL. As it located at very high range of mountains and dangerous trek, very few peoples know about it.

4.  East rongbuk pool Tibet.

As Tibet is land of lakes, this is another lake from this land. East rongbuk is a seasonal lake which appeared after the snow melts from its surface. It was explored by an army man GRAHAM HOYLAND when he was on duty with his team mates.  This is the fourth highest lake with the altitude of 6100m from the sea level.

5. Acamarachi pool , Chile .

With the altitude of 5950 metres, this lake is at the angle of 45 degrees linked with cerro aguas calientes with most volcanic eruptions. As many photographers take photos of it, but none of them can actually measured it officially.

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Proxy Websites to Unblock Social Media Sites

Proxy Websites to Unblock Social Media Sites

Most of the internet set up at public places is firewall protected by the IT admin, and you may face problem to accessing some websites. Whenever you are trying to access blocked websites mainly social media sites like facebook, twitter, and more, either it says webpage is not available or this website/URL has been blocked. You still want to access facebook from the place where it is blocked, then best and easy way to unblock facebook via unblocked proxy sites. Proxy websites can access restricted website which are blocked at schools, colleges, and offices.

The proxy websites are not limited to access blocked websites only, but it can help you to surf internet anonymously. Proxy website is very simple to use and it does not required any addition software to access blocked social media sites. It redirects your network traffic through their servers so that you can access those websites because their servers are not blocked to access that site. So here is tutorial we are providing you list of top 5 proxy sites.

1.  Skull Proxy:- New yet very powerful proxy website that let you to your desired website with a fraction of the second.

2.  Hide My Ass VPN:-This one is best among the industry with both free and premium versions.

3.  TOR:- This is yet another widely used proxy software that you must try.

4.  Anonymster:-This proxy website offers a very quick web proxy service on best of VPN reviews.       

5.  Hidester:- Hidester is anonymous web best free proxy. People are using hidester for many reasons. If you you want to prevent being snooped on by governments, multinationals and cybercriminals. Maybe you want to access blocked web content at work? Maybe you need to check website from behind firewall? With Hidester it’s nobody’s business expect yours. cool

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Top 6 Natural Ways to Get Rid Of Body Odour

Top 6 Natural Ways to Get Rid Of Body Odour

Well excessive and unlikeable body odour is really uneasiness and such an embarrassing problem for you. It occurs when unwanted sweat mixes with bacteria. These bacteria’s are especially caused in moist environment. It can also cause due to some other problems like constipation, nutrition deficiencies and poor hygiene. Are you looking for the ways to get rid of body odour problems? If yes then just scroll below to know health tips and natural ways to get rid of body odour problems.


Top 6 Natural Ways to Get Rid Of Body Odour:-


1.    Wear fresh clothes

Wearing cotton clothes is the best way to reduce body odour. It also helps to allow the skin to breathe and keeps the skin dry and healthy. Fresh clothes help to maintain moisture of your skin.


2.    Make sure you dry yourself completely

It is necessary to take bath and shower once in a day to get rid of body odour. But make sure you will keep yourself dry, especially the prone areas.


3.    Apple cider vinegar

This is one best bacteria fighting agent and it also help in balancing the PH level. For e.g. soak a cotton ball into the solution of apple cider vinegar and rub it under the arms.  


4.    Improve lifestyle choices

Lifestyle choices depends on how do you live? Your habits, food you eat. Drinking 8 glass of water is also an essential tip to flushes out the toxins from your body.


5.    Use natural antiperspirants

As compare to market products use some homemade and natural antiperspirants. There is so many varieties are available in the market. But you just need ¾ cup of arrowroot powder and then mix it into 4 tbsp of aluminium free baking powder. Now just boil 5-6 tbsp of mango butter, and coconut oil into one container. Stir all the ingredients together. Store this solution in lidded jar when it comes dry.   


6.    Baking soda and lemon juice

Baking soda is a great ingredient which helps to reduce body odour problem. It works as a natural deodorant and kill the bacteria’s. Mix one tbsp lemon juice to baking soda and apply it to underarms. 

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Yoga has become the important part of our day to day life. Everyone tries to follow the yoga health tips in daily life and tries to take some time for yoga. Everyone wants to stay healthy so try to make their self-fit and this can be done by yoga. And if we talk about in the form of general knowledge “Nationally and internationally” everyone is promoting yoga and if we go with daily news everyone is promoting yoga for good health. Special trainers are also there for making this yoga more powerful. Various effective effects are seen by all of us due to yoga.

Effective effects and the poses of yoga are also mattered. To perform every poses trainer are there to guide and as a result effective effect are seen everywhere. “Effective yoga can be used to overcome from negativity”. Normally many things occur in life which can make your thoughts negative. So to remove negativity various poses of yoga are performed to make it more effective. Various asana come under it or peace of mind is very important to remove negativity and to make it more effective so “Meditations is also applied for this purpose”. Let’s discuss the yoga techniques that are used to overcome from the negativity and make yoga more powerful and effective.



These are listed below every asana has its own special effect with special poses. Single meditations also require the special pose so it’s not so simple and not this much hard that you can’t follow: 

 Normally every single person wants to come out from depression and this depression affects our body so much that it seems like our “brain has stopped working”. The effective asana to remove this negativity from yoga can be discussed below:

•        Surya Namskara: The best way to make your body flexible and make blood circulation even better open up the blood vessels”. “SASHANGASNA This you can make work for optimizing or eliminating the stress”. More asana for which you can move is “ADVASANA, MAKARASNA, and SHAVASANA”.


•        PRANAYAM: this name you might have heard many times this “yoga asana is done by breathing not so much tough one includes alternatively nostril breathing”. This can be also done to make you mentally fit. It further includes various asana “BHRAMARI Pranayama, BHASTRIKA Pranayama”.


Now let’s discuss some poses for your daily routine life:

1.      Standing Forward Blend:

Yoga is also beneficial for the upper part of body circulation. This pose is the effective one for body circulation and is used to provide energy. It’s very important that your body should feel energetic and with proper circulation of blood.



This yoga pose can be added in your daily routine life which works for your relaxation. As it is one of the effective poses that is used to curb the negativity and when the mind is just running in the negative direction than the best way to overcome is relaxation. It can be done when you twist your body a little bit while sitting in straight position.



As we have seen small babies many times they have their own movements and while they are happy mostly they try to make their legs in an upward direction and so as this pose is as the babies feel happy you also feel stress-free by doing this.



As the effective poses are discussed above to curb from negativity and these poses are quite simple so try them and feel the changes. These are the techniques and health tips that you should follow and work upon it to make your body healthy and curb from negativity apply these effective tips. 

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How to Create the Perfect Website for Your Business

How to Create the Perfect Website for Your Business

Website is an essential or functional way to grow your business. These websites will also helpful for creative expression, promotion and job searches. Perfect websites will come with variety of eye-catching designs and vibrant colours with more freedom. It doesn’t matter how small or vast your business is to build a website design? It is basically a first impression to inform people about your services, product and brands. So, here we have listed down some essential steps that how to create the perfect website for your business.


How to Create the Perfect Website for Your Business:-

1.    Put your thoughts on paper first: - Before Creating your website please put your thoughts on paper. If you do this then you will be very clear towards your goal, website layout and a clear hierarchy. 


2.    Plan Budget: - Do you know how it will charge to create a perfect website? If no, then plan your budget first. Try to contact your friends or take help from professional to get know the rates of professional website to boost your business.


3.    State your purpose clearly: - Every website depends on particular niche. Just complete your requirements that on which particular need you want to create your website?


4.    Select colour theme and typography: - As everybody know that a website look amazing with combination of background themes, texts and pictures. So properly think before choosing to make a perfect website.


5.    Write your own content: - If you have a good writing skills then you can write own a good content for your websites. It will explore your knowledge, save your money and way to express your thoughts and creativity of mind.


6.    Choose reliable Domain and host: - Nowadays there is number of domain and host platforms are available in the market. But you have to choose great and scalable platform based on your needs.


Click http://www.geekersmagazine.com/ to know more web apps and tools.

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Get Some Free Date Ideas for Your Love Ones

Get Some Free Date Ideas for Your Love Ones

Is it true that you have no coffee, no dinner and no movie from a long time with your loving partner? Sometimes, due to our busy schedules, we don’t able engage time for our loved ones and it creates a long gap. To fill the space, you must think of arranging a special date for your love to make your relationship stronger than before. Before going on a date, get to know about the various free date ideas that gives the successful end to your arrangements. Let’s familiar with these points:


Get Some Free Date Ideas for Your Love Ones:-
  • Lying on Beaches

Get surprise your partner by final the trip at some beach that is really a romantic picnic spot where you either enjoy the long walk together, lying on the sand by getting waves over you or simply sit and gaze each other and talk about the memories that you have created before.


  • Have a Bike Ride

Riding on a bike on the hilly areas by sitting close to each other really creates a romantic feeling between you and delivers flashes of love. This is one of the best way to get explore your love in the cool areas.


  • Concerts & Events

Going out on concert or event with your partner is also a good option. You can participate freely in these events and enjoy the whole time by turning it into a delicious dinner or a long drive.


  • Final a Picnic

Take your partner on a picnic and pack all the favourite foodstuffs that you can enjoy on a lake or a park. It’s great to spend some beautiful moments with your love in some peaceful place instead of staying at home.


  • Take For a Dinner

You must take your partner on a dinner once in a week, so that you will arrange some time for her in a busy lifestyle. It’s really makes your partner happy and get rest from cooking for the one day.


  • Go For Camping

Arrange a camping for a night with your partner and have beautiful ending evening by gazing at the stars by lying on the hilly surface. It really proves to be a romantic time that you can spend with your partner.


  • Enjoy Art Galleries

If your partner is of artistic type, then its best that you take her on some art gallery. You and your partner can carry a drink and enjoy the looks of amazing arts and the really very good time that you must go for.


So, don’t find it a difficult task and get surprise your partner with free date ideas that really make her remember the beautiful memories that have spent with for her entire life. It is also one of the best solutions to make relations strong day by day.

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Best Cities to Raise a family in Virginia

Best Cities to Raise a family in Virginia

Virginia is a mid Atlantic region famous for strong employment, top notch Education and especially for outdoor adventures. It is basically one of the fast growing areas allowing young families to live at affordable prices. This city offers you some excellent places with average great schools and friendly communities. So here we have assembled a list of some incredible cities or places to live in Virginia after doing deep research. According to your opinion which is the best of best city in Virginia to raise a family? No idea, it’s ok. You have no need to worry about it, just scroll down to know some wonderful cities to enjoy in Virginia with your family.


Best Cities to Raise a family in Virginia:-


1.   Centreville: - Centreville is the largest city of Washington D.C.  And it known for its affordable places. This includes luxury shopping complex, movie theatres, town homes and beautiful houses. This is very safest city and the crime rates of this city is very low then other states. 


2.   Manassas: - This is one of longest and famous commute of Virginia. This is strong option for the families to live with young children’s because it is densely urban space and metropolitan area. This city is famous for its smaller atmosphere and it is basically a prime spot for residents.  


3.   Burke: - This is most friendly city with expensive homes and excellent homes. This city is one of the best places to live in Virginia and census designated place and much like Gainesville. There are various things to do in burke like you can enjoy at burke farmer market, Outback steak house and Marys church.


4.   Mechanicsville: - This city is greatest destination located in Hanover country, Virginia. Mechanicsville has high percentage of families and lowest cost of living. This city offers you best economic and cultural opportunities. The thing which is best about this Mechanicsville is its Richmond metro area.


5.   Leesburg: - This is well-known as Loudon county city includes several events and festival including flowers especially in April. It is budget friendly city which will help you to build a strong community. This is a residence with high school degrees and average commute to live with families.