3 weeks ago

Is It a Luxury or a Wise Decision To Install Home Elevators in Pittsburgh

Earlier the thought of installing home elevators in Pittsburgh homes would have been enough to raise eyebrows. Why not so, when home elevators and chair lifts have always been considered as things that the rich could only afford and were found in read more...

3 months ago

How To Choose The Right Wheelchair lift in Buffalo NY and Erie PA

The basic function of a wheelchair lift is to help a person bound to the wheelchair move around freely their home or in the office. The wheelchair lift is also known as a open platform lift or low rise platform lift. W read more...

4 months ago

Curved or Straight Stair Lift- How To Make The Choice

Movement restrictions can come in anyone’s life, and for any reason. Old age or a bad accident can cripple anyone. With mobility restrictions imposed on one it is hard to take the staircase many times in a day. O read more...

5 months ago

5 Prominent Reasons For Installing Home Elevators In Pittsburgh PA

Moving up and down within your house by climbing the stairs painstakingly is indeed an ordeal especially when the concerned individual is advanced in age. Installing

1 year ago

How to Buy the Right Stair Lifts Pittsburgh

A good stair lift offers an excellent solution for seniors and people with mobility issues living in  houses that have more than one floor. A stair lift carries a person to the upper floors or basement in a seated read more...

2 years ago

Curved Stair lifts Have Made Life Easier

When people build homes, they usually think of making the place as comfortable for the residents as possible. If climbing up and down the stairs is becoming more and more difficult for you, investing in one of the curv read more...