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Evaluation of innovation path LED display applications

 LED show has been widely employed in numerous industries, with all the LED chip material is reasonably mature and stable, creating the LED show applications have much more possibilities. Here, the compact series and we discuss on the LED show applications innovation and trends.(vms trailer)


 Very first, the application of innovation


 Initial, there is certainly the overall path of technological innovation LED display applications sector, mainly concentrated in the significant screen intelligent handle, high-density show new goods, unique heterosexual LED display applications engineering design and style, LED show application development solutions and product reliability, energy saving, . LED chip material for consistency in terms of wavelength, antistatic potential have produced new demands. Meanwhile, in the driver chips, LED packaging technologies and also other specifications are also increasing.


 Secondly, the high density fine pitch LED display indoor and outdoor applications market place continues to expand, to become the new marketplace growth, especially in high-density indoor LED display dot pitch. Market improvement, Tong Pu Technologies has introduced a small spacing Outdoor SMD LED show screen --LED poles. With all the advent of P1.0 solutions, indoor high density dot pitch LED display screen in the conference presentations, internal information display applications well-liked pro-Lai, has begun to replace a few of the standard indoor show merchandise. These applications overall reliability and stability in the program put forward greater needs.


 Finally, there are actually massive holdings of safety, surveillance and command and control center applications, indoor high density dot pitch items to replace regular DLP or LCD product, you also really need to address the high gray-scale handle beneath low brightness, low Pixels out of manage price, higher reliability pixels, video image processing and intelligent player, massive screen pixels in combination with other show troubles.


 These issues require the chain of collaborative innovation, application specifications, technology close cooperation, joint development of associated technologies to resolve bottlenecks.


 Second, the development trend


 1, full-color, high-definition show, intelligent and network handle. Indoor show primarily to the full-color, higher density dot pitch and the path of development, is anticipated to continue on a larger scale alternative to standard display products. Primarily to significant outdoor display location, high-definition technology, unique goods and engineering design improvement, the greater extent to meet the many wants of outside display applications. (EN12966)


 2, the basic technical standardization, diverse application specifications, product style personalized. Specialization progressively clear, the sector chain collaborative innovation, multi-industry collaboration to market. Enterprises spend more focus to differentiated goods, marketplace segments focus, build brand connotation, boost core competitiveness.


 3, show systems engineering, multi-technology, multi-system integration of specialized solutions. Facing increasingly complex system applications, application sector from a single display to display products supply systems engineering building and development. Show systems for specialized industry applications, services and technology market wants protection solutions might be an important development path in the industry.


 Third, the summary


 LED show application development market is generally driven by the upstream LED chip material, from monochrome display, dual color show to full-color show, is displayed by the LED chip material industrialization led industrial development applications. In current years, together with the LED chip material is comparatively mature and stable, LED display applications innovation should really concentrate on marketplace demand.

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Around the technical needs on the LED show board and worth

Car LED show as a additional innovative marketing information media, also to shop large amounts of text messages by way of the built-in microprocessor to handle the text, font display, along with other positive aspects to attain timing show outdoors, but additionally spread everywhere move totally out of the traditional display "line" from the constraints, it has the characteristics of flow visualization, and so much respected by the new media marketing.

At the technical level, since of their specific application atmosphere, it demands Vehicle LED display products in comparison with traditional outside LED show much greater, will need to have moisture, rain, lightning, sun, dust, cold, corrosion, anti-static, anti-interference, seismic, anti-UV, anti-oxidation, but also over-current, short circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage protection functions as a way to turn into qualified LED display board.(EN12966


In the technical level, because of their specific application environment, it needs Vehicle LED display products when compared with standard outdoor LED display significantly higher, require to possess moisture, rain, lightning, sun, dust, cold, corrosion, anti-static, anti-interference, seismic, anti-UV, anti-oxidation, but also over-current, short circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage protection functions in an effort to grow to be qualified LED show board.


Nowadays the commercial operation from the most important "audience" and "attention", is such an attention economy demands spawned LED show board. Auto LED display with real-time performance, flexibility, mobility, high-capacity novel options, the LED display around the stationary some "visual fatigue" of customers, this new method has been favored by the customers.


Just after market place analysis, audience concentrate LED show board, LED display board towards the bus, one example is, can present crucial data for the passenger car or truck line facts, etc., moreover to outstanding marketing impact, the bus is still a city public Among the main implies of transport to travel, passengers every day more than several millions. It multiplied the number of people carrying the huge, the automobile ten minutes' ride leisure time "leisurely boring, if ahead of it flows overflow color show for broadcast news, entertainment physique, climate, advertising facts, and so forth., which species before the initiative to "spoon-fed" study the media can maximize attract the attention of passengers, and accomplished a superb marketing effect. (car park signs


LED show board either bus or taxi LED display board, they've a wide audience, the market place prospective of the common characteristics in the solution when the massive scale market, which features a huge audience along with a low price of marketing media will attract a lot of organizations, market and commerce, advertising, buyer concentrate, government departments also can use it to conduct welfare aspects of public advocacy

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Technical needs and application worth Brief Vehicle LED display

Car LED display as a more innovative marketing information and facts media, furthermore to store big amounts of text messages by means of the built-in microprocessor to control the text, font display, and also other advantages to achieve timing show outdoors, but also spread everywhere move fully out on the conventional display "line" of the constraints, it has the characteristics of flow visualization, and so much respected by the new media advertising.


At the technical level, due to the fact of their distinct application atmosphere, it demands Car or truck LED display merchandise in comparison to standard outdoor LED display significantly larger, need to have moisture, rain, lightning, sun, dust, cold, corrosion, anti-static, anti-interference, seismic, anti-UV, anti-oxidation, but in addition over-current, brief circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage protection functions in order to turn out to be certified LED display board.


These days the commercial operation from the most significant "audience" and "attention", is such an interest economy demands spawned LED display board. Car LED show with real-time efficiency, flexibility, mobility, high-capacity novel characteristics, the LED show around the stationary some "visual fatigue" of customers, this new strategy has been favored by the customers. (led lane signals)


Right after market evaluation, audience concentrate LED display board, LED show board for the bus, as an example, can provide essential information for the passenger automobile line information, and so forth., also to outstanding advertising impact, the bus is still a city public One of many most important means of transport to travel, passengers everyday more than a lot of millions. It multiplied the amount of men and women carrying the big, the auto ten minutes' ride leisure time "leisurely boring, if just before it flows overflow colour show for broadcast news, entertainment body, climate, advertising data, and so on., which species just before the initiative to "spoon-fed" study the media can maximize attract the interest of passengers, and achieved a very good marketing impact. (led traffic signs)


LED display board either bus or taxi LED display board, they've a wide audience, the marketplace possible in the frequent qualities in the item as soon as the significant scale marketplace, which includes a large audience in addition to a low expense of marketing media will attract many businesses, industry and commerce, advertising, customer focus, government departments can also use it to carry out public welfare aspects of publicity.

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Links and lost: LED display enterprises Breakthrough Way

China LED display industry where the way forward? Several LED screen manufacturers, it appears caught in a vicious circle difficult to explain.

"World market" embarrassment

Due to the fact Shenzhen China LED display enterprises headed by springing emerged, the whole business in complete swing, no matter yield, cost, technologies are firmly in the worldwide forefront. A lot of took the lead reached the LED display in the field of small business is often described earn windfall earnings, which includes LED display, like fine pitch technologies innovation to accelerate the pace once more, even foreigners are awesome, named "world market place."

Having said that, beneath driven by the interests of the complete market to fight the cost is much more decrease, there has been a loss in fact grab certainly one of Guaizhuang, some show messages or fire on account of quality issues is typically sprang. Inadvertently, some LED display enterprises appear trapped in a "price war" and "quality" double embarrassment.

Admittedly, the Chinese LED display to develop into the world's focus, "leading industry" - Branches whole, all grades, all varieties, all specifications, even viewed as to be China created a major label. Although Zhou Ming, Riyadh, and other significant enterprises Absen functionality has been led, but several modest factories, but because low-cost along with other troubles tough.

Moreover to the cost war challenge, among quite a few enterprise merchandise also intensified plagiarism, product lack their very own distinct personality, significant homogeneity. Inter-enterprise solutions not just with each other regularly "hit face", but in addition collective shopping "at a loss competitors."

Innovation mode of operation

Around the mode of operation, most LED display (vms)companies, nonetheless retains the original production mode of operation; and a few big corporations are starting the operation of small business model innovation, which moreover to the production in the display, but additionally to media companies, the cooperation commission charged by advertising for screen . Sell ??screens and marketing revenue, it truly is each unique model to produce funds - 1 board lot, a long-term return to this.


Culture media stocks, compact stocks inside the capital industry pitch strikes, but also to several LED show makers have tasted loads of sweetness. The field of industrial genuine estate, command centers, public monitoring command technique, radio and television studio center, a conference center, high-rise hotels and hotels, communications, sector as well as other makers have also develop into a instruction pool.

Hyperlinks are also the value

Some low-cost LED screen manufacturers to produce tremendous short-term orders, mimicry also allows businesses to enhance item improvement quickly, but in the long run, is tantamount to harm than excellent.

Increasingly more rich in goods and channels on the instances, homogenization or grab a single low-cost LED display predicament is just not pleasant - one particular thousand 1 side, just the surface of homogeneous competition, value war to be able to seize marketplace share, loss orders, almost certainly would be the most suck point.

Needless to say, there are some not involved inside the cost war LED screen producers creatively opened the high-end business enterprise operation shortcut --LED show producers for free or low-cost screen to a third party, then press marketing sales to a certain percentage of extract point deduction as a supply of profit. In this way, a few of the LED show are turned to marketing the Lord's "principal tenant."

Or moved to high-end enterprise mode of operation, or stick to solution good quality, do high-end brand, or two hands and play, completely closer to the international brand. What ever the strategy, do small business products, make core competitiveness of enterprises, is certainly the ideal way. (led traffic signs)

Is a shortcut? Or lost?

Either way, people that revel in the value war small business owners probably will need to promptly obtain a new self

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LED curtain screen and LED display features

LED display in the large-scale exhibition, stage effects, and high-end displays and also other fields, it has been fling, and had far more in depth sensible functionality. The future, within the field of outdoor advertising, LED display substantial screen may also continue to play towards the qualities and technical overall performance advantages:


LED curtain screen attributes:


1, LED curtain screen is primarily utilized for real-time display of indoor and outside huge projects, significant stage curtain screen for leasing additional; (speed limit signs)


2, so as to make certain genuine engineering pixel brightness outside adequate, modular front with silicone potting waterproof processing, colour silicone engineering requirements can manage the colour card specially equipped to make this completely with all the building's exterior color coordination;


three, the module might be capable to qualify for the exceptional higher temperature silicone wire, with skilled waterproof connectors, specialist style cautiously crafted sealed waterproof structure protection level to 1P67 can adapt to several different indoor and outside temperature and humidity environment, perform atmosphere range up to - 20 and 80 degrees Celsius, rain can work;


four, is usually composed of a plurality of die-level, full-color show wall;


5, can replace the use of digital handle make linear light source, the connection point supply lighting effect is extra diverse in the ordinary;


six, is often any combination of numerous shapes, straightforward to set up, doesn't influence the original appearance and structure in the object;


7, LED curtain screen may be made use of for outdoor and indoor, requiring transparency, display pixel pitch is big, there is a particular decorative effect on the large-screen display occasions, among ordinary conventional show and lighting lighting it can be resident An LED show applications;


8, the display unit for the strip, could be assembled in to the inner arc-shaped display surface, the display surface of your outer arc-shaped, with a round-shaped show screen, S-shaped display surface, a spherical shape, and other shaped screen, a widespread traditional screen can not display impact accomplished;


9, LED curtain screen with light weight, wind resistance, simple installation, good heat dissipation, front and rear practical upkeep, excellent waterproof overall performance, seismic efficiency, low expense auxiliary mounting frame, fanless mute, and so on;


10, when the LED curtain screen for outside use, the approval may be walking a fine line to fight using the government, inside the form of approval of creating lighting, bypassing obstacles to approval with the commercial display.


LED show attributes:


1, higher brightness: brightness outside LED show is greater than 8000mcd / m2, is at the moment the only large-scale display terminal capable of all-weather outdoor use; indoor LED display brightness is greater than 2000md / m2;


2, lengthy life: LED life of up to 100,000 hours (ten years) or extra, the argument normally refers for the design and style life, brightness dark can be regarded;


three, viewing angle: indoor viewing angle greater than 160 degrees, outdoor viewing angle may be greater than 120 degrees. The size of angle is dependent upon the shape LED light emitting diode;


four, the screen location is big or small, as small as much less than one particular square meter, major is up to a huge selection of a large number of square meters; (vms)


5, simple and laptop interface, assistance software-rich;


six, prevalent massive display terminal contrast.

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LED impaired enterprise functionality, where deep-seated variables?

LED lighting company National Day Golden Week promotion, the general rough observation, may well not be perfect so fantastic. Some corporations also good, some poor organization. In case of bad company simply because the technology isn't powerful sufficient it? There is no explanation apart from technology?


If technically encountered a bottleneck, you've not thought about things that new which means within the functional design and the design, for instance, the item characteristics into 1 or two innovative characteristics (which are not necessarily LED technology);? Or, novel style , good-looking, even the appearance of distinct ages.


Have you ever believed with the LED lights around the solutions of other industries to install? Is usually a great deal of good friends in other industries to market the application of LED lights, to design new solutions, integrated in to the LED lights, present lighting, smart or other functions.(car park signs)


In reality, moreover to technology, there are several factors that influence the overall performance on the enterprise. Yesterday raised about management concepts, emphasizing staff knowledge and initiative. The following article the authors say could be the market place ideas and advertising and marketing ideas, for reference purposes only.


LED sector downturn even though national macroeconomic reasons, nonetheless, industries and enterprises, the micro-level reasons and should not be ignored, some deep-seated variables that must cause reflection with the sector insight.


LED "a good opportunity" into a "skirmish"


LED light source technologies maturity and recognition for the lighting industry to bring golden opportunities. LED in comparison with standard light sources have a number of instances or even many occasions the energy-saving effects and life span, too as the unique charm on the LED function application benefits, this could in the similar time the traditional lighting Cuikulaxiu trend forming, stimulating option and new markets The substantial demand, highlighting the market place vitality. However, it regrets that this social scene generator failed last long, low-grade, counterfeit goods and also other well-known below the influence of lack of requirements and chaotic market place atmosphere, such as numerous factors. An innovative patented LED light source to enter the industry much less than six months, no fewer than ten infringing counterfeiters; LED lights a patent module, within a year's time the nation a lot of the lights almost generic manufacturers to use. (vms)


No exaggeration to say that the previous few years, nearly regardless of ordinary LED lamp manufacturers or distributors, whether or not manufacturers or roadside shops can generate solutions infringing counterfeit turn out to be "sophisticated products" to marketplace shortcut. Thus, a century is often a rapidly evolving industry opportunities "Great Leap Forward" as well as led to the industry turmoil "encounters." When the outcome on the standard competitive marketplace too as "dream vaguely mother tears, the first king of the city flag" competitors within this marketplace, brand switching, but in current years LED market competitive circumstance in this along with other dreams even vaguely like Unreal The king with the flag also by no means have to face the tree. It's evident from the tragic circumstance of LED in China.

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Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine employees in the eyes from the LED display

Some time ago had to push via the Exit Inspection and Quarantine staff to speak about LED lighting test write-up. The following appear in the eyes with the CIQ staff have any needs LED show.

China's LED electronic show technology has gradually matured, but resulting from quite a few aspects, the display top quality on the newly installed there are actually nonetheless a lot of complications. Some screen out the lights, mosaic significant; some screen image blur, rough; some show needs endless repairs and upkeep.

Certainly one of the key causes of those adverse phenomena will be the LED show high-quality just isn't in place at present, China's LED show good quality and further improvements required. Exit Inspection and Quarantine combined with my experience of functioning in a paper on China's LED display market high quality standards introduced, according to the things affecting the quality of full-color LED display will be a single brief evaluation, hoping to market the enhance the top quality of our LED display. (vms)

LED show sector top quality standards

"General Standard" is China shows the principle technical base specification techniques. It is actually perfectly suited for indoor and outside LED text, graphics, video along with other graphics. Its content material consists of eight sections: scope, normative references, terms and definitions, classification, needs, test strategies, inspection guidelines, packaging, transportation and storage.

The "Requirements" section 10 presents big requirements consist of: LED display hardware atmosphere, LED display application environment, structure and look, safety requirements, LED display, LED display electrical traits, LED displays energy provide, environmental adaptability and reputable sex.

LED display high quality specifications

(A) brightness specifications


Brightness is an essential indicator from the high-quality in the show, the display brightness is primarily composed of array density LED luminous intensity and monitor choices. Some LED show installed at a higher exterior wall surface, the mounting angle of LED screens also ascertain the human eye to luminous intensity on the screen will have an impact. SJ / T11141-2003.LLD LED display general specification will define the screen display brightness intensity of light per unit area on.


Colour LED display monochrome, color and full-color 3 types, using the environment can be divided into each indoor and outside, and diverse colors of LED (led traffic signs)display and environmental requirements are also distinct parameters. Indoor full-color LED show asks brightness 800cd / m2, although the outside full-color LED show brightness you may need 1500cd / m2, so the brightness on the screen image to show the basic guarantee policy. In current years, the technologies of LED show has been further created, either use or dissemination of material processes are far more mature, thus, for companies of LED show light-emitting efficiency needs are also drastically enhanced.


(B) the chromaticity requirements


LED display with color reproduction qualities. Some producers do not understand the positive aspects of LED display wide colour gamut, the blind pursuit of high-brightness screen, as a result resulting in the production of LED display colour distortion, display dazzling, in some cases the facts playback will make the audience uncomfortable.


Therefore, when LED show production will need to assess its colour indicators, in the event the color index to meet the corresponding needs, then the colour matching is acceptable and will not cause discomfort. The center position of full-color LED display correlated colour temperature, chromaticity coordinates of temperature measurement desires much less than 6500K, so to avoid full-color LED display color is also cold, and measuring the correlated colour temperature not higher than a predetermined variety.


(C) energy efficiency specifications


Unique LED display show wish to realize the identical effect, the power consumption of the screen might be distinctive. In promoting power conservation and environmental protection nowadays, LED display power efficiency specifications are also significant