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Republicans are finally willing to spend on the economy -- at the exact wrong time - Washington Post

New Keynesianism. (UPI)The view of Keynes that Republicans suddenly seem to like best. (UPI)

Its curious to hear Republicans suddenly talking about the urgent need for fiscal stimulus. For the past eight years, including the darkest days of the Great Recession, they tried to convince us that fiscal stimulus doesnt work, and that the only way to really boost economic growth is to cut the budget deficit. But now that they are about to get their hands on the federal checkbook, Republicans have decided that we are all Keynesians once again.

To anyone serious about economic analysis, it should

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Cruz reverses himself, endorses Trump

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Africa|Africa's Charcoal Economy Is Cooking. The Trees Are Paying. - New York Times

Trees have been disappearing in a widening arc from Toliara in the past decade. As charcoal producers first culled trees in forests closest to Toliara, leaving villages surrounded only by thickets, the business has shifted to remote areas about 100 miles away, accessible by dirt roads and sometimes waterways.

About 100 miles southeast of Toliara, driving along National Road 10 actually, just a narrow dirt road through the heart of the region that provides the citys charcoal I encountered Tsitomore, a 35-year-old cassava farmer, selling bags of charcoal by the roadside.

Holding an ax, Mr. Tsitomore, who like some people in Madagascar uses one name, took me for a short walk int

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Florida police launch large scale search for missing priest

Father Rene Robert was last seen Sunday, April 10. (St Johns County Sheriff's Office) Father Rene Robert was last seen Sunday, April 10. (St Johns County Sheriff's Office)

Police in Jacksonville, Florida, on Saturday launched a large scale search for a missing priest, according to reports.

Father Rene Robert, 71, of the Diocese of St. Augustine, was last seen Sunday April 10 and authorities suspect foul play in his disappearance.

Authorities were asking residents and property owners near two interstate highways in Duval County to check their properties thoroughly, the St. Augustine Record reported.

Do not touch or tamper with anything located, the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office said in a news release Saturday, according to the paper. If you notice any disturbed round or unusual smells, please contact police right away.

Roberts car was recovered in Aiken County, South Carolina, along with 28-year-old Steven Murray, WOKV-FM reported Saturday.

Murray is the main suspect in the priests disappearance.

Before he was caught authorities said Murray was a Jacksonville man with a criminal background whom Robert may have been counseling at the time of his disappearance, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

He was extradited back to St. Johns County Friday, the station reported.

Robert family fears for his safety, the Albany Times Union reported.

I have visions of him laying in a ditch some place or locked in a closet, his half-sister Joan McAndrews told WTEN-TV, according to the paper.

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Profit Off The Latest Social Media Marketing Sensation Dallas SEO

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House overwhelmingly backs 5-year transportation bill - Fox News

May 17, 2012: The steel skeleton for the eastern end of the new Innerbelt Bridge in Cleveland sits next to the existing span. May 17, 2012: The steel skeleton for the eastern end of the new Innerbelt Bridge in Cleveland sits next to the existing span. (AP)

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The Latest: Climate Group Distances From Violent Protesters - New York Times

PARIS The latest from the much-anticipated U.N. climate conference that gets underway in Paris on Monday. All times local:

6:25 p.m.

President Barack Obama says American leadership is helping the global fight against climate change.

As he left for the climate conference in Paris Sunday, Obama wrote a Facebook that the U.S. has shown it's possible to make environmental gains while creating jobs and expanding the economy.

Obama will try to reassure world leaders in Paris that the U.S. can deliver on its own commitments.

He says the goal in Paris is a long-term framework for more global reductions, with each nation setting targets that other countries can ve