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BMW Diagnostic Software Recommendation: INPA & Rheingold

The BMW Diagnostic Software will help you troubleshoot the problems that can usually be fixed by the garage which will charge you a tons of $$$. Here I will recommend you several BMW diagnostic software, hope it helps you.

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3 days ago

What Can MB Star Do?

What Can MB Star Do?
You can code keys, activate paddles, activate auto, activate cruise control, turn off all the error lig read more...

1 week ago

How to update BMW E87 2006 CIC with ICOM A2 WinKFP?

This is customer share about how to use BMW ICOM WinKFP to update BMW CIC module and how to generate BMW CIC& NBT FSC Code with ENET read more...

3 weeks ago

BMW ICOM Next VS. BMW ICOM A2,Which is Better?

From Autonumen.com BMW ICOM NEXT is the latest generation of BMW ICOM A2.Do you know what is the difference between and read more...