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Cracking The Artificial Grass Lawn Secrets

Cracking The Artificial Grass Lawn Secrets

Artificial Grass Lawns have become quite common for landscaping of homes and offices.  Gone are the times when Artificial Turf was used mainly for building Sports arenas.  You can see artificial grass being used across residential and commercial properties along with sports arenas widely.


Garden Mark is a market leader in Artificial Grass and provides high quality service through its wide spread dealer network.  Installation of your Synthetic Grass in the right way is as important as choosing to replace your natural grass with the artificial version  or choosing who to buy your artificial turf from.


So, here we will share some secrets about artificial grass lawn :

1.Research - In order to ensure that you choose the right product and the right vendor to buy it from, you will need to spend some time in doing your research.  This will help you to choose the appropriate type of grass based on your requirement and also to choose the right place to buy it.  Try to buy your artificial grass from a company which has a local dealer as that will help you for after sales service.


2. Planning - You should plan well about your installation.  Make sure that once you decide to have an artificial grass lawn installed, calculate your requirements properly considering the entire area of installation.  You may have the turf spread across various places at your home, e.g. in the garden, the patio, your terrace, etc., but you should calculate this entire area and order your synthetic grass correctly.  This will save you money and time.


3.Buy the right accessories and tools - Buying the right tools for the installation and accessories that will be used is very important.  They are the key to a good installation.  You can browse through our website to find various accessories that you may need.


4. Preparation for installation - It is very important to prepare the area where you want to lay the artificial turf before you actually begin the installation.  Read through the installation guide or watch the installation video to ensure that you follow the steps correctly.


5. Installation - Although it is fairly simple to install Artificial Grass on your own and mostly it is not more than a weekend's work, it is important that the installation is done correctly and carefully.  If you are unsure about being able to do the installation yourself, the best option is to hire a certified Artificial Turf Installer.


6. Post installation care - Your artificial grass requires minimum post installation maintenance, but it is still important to take care of your lawn and keep it clean.


Hope these must know secrets help you buy, install and maintain your Artificial Grass Lawn.  In case of any queries, feel free to get in touch with us and we will be always happy to help.

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Reduce Your Lawn Cleaning Time by Use of Synthetic Turf

Reduce Your Lawn Cleaning Time by Use of Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf usage has increased manifold in the past couple of decades.  You can now see synthetic grass installations in residential and commercial projects, in industrial parks and in the sports complexes all around the country.


There are various reasons why people have moved from natural turf to synthetic turf.  Some people are still reluctant to move to artificial turf considering the comparatively higher initial investment.  But, the advantages of having artificial grass lawn installed outweigh this initial cost quite easily in the long run.


You might want to ask - "Why should we opt for fake grass for our lawns?".  The answer is simple - "You should opt for synthetic grass for your lawns due to the clear advantages it has over natural grass".


We will not go into detail of all the advantages in this article, but will look at one of the most important factors that can change your view about buying Synthetic Turf.


As we all know, we spend a lot of time and energy in cleaning our lawns. This is a huge pain point in our day to day life.  If you have a natural grass lawn, you have to spend time for either watering it, cleaning it or mowing it regularly, say at least twice a week.  In this way, you waste your precious family time. This is where synthetic turf is so much better.  Consider this - no daily watering of your lawn, no mowing your lawn ever and cleaning it only when it gets dirty. That said, when it comes to cleaning your lawn, all you have to do it just hose it down or use a hard brush to get rid of the debris.  This will save you a lot of time that you can use in more productive ways like going out with your friends or have quality time with your kids.


So, if you would like to know more about the best synthetic turf products, visit our website or simply get in touch with us.