2 years ago

What is Balayage hair and Why we use it


It has becomes very difficult to hide gray hair by colouring and dyes. All of these colours are chemical based and can easily bring natural colour temporary but may be harmful for your hair. They may also spoil your hair and can bring various dreadful diseases.  

Market has full with various hair colouring brands but all have dangerous chemical like ammonia, PPD, hydrogen peroxide. So instead of applying these techniques you may use balayage hair, new hair highlighting technique.

Balayage is a free structure high hair lighting strategy. Typically a powder lightener is utilized to paint individual strands of hair.

This system can offer a more regular look to highlighting hair by getting rid of the more uniform thwarting procedure.
Balayage is the system that is utilized to attain to ombre hair shading." See what our clients are saying in regards to us here.



2 years ago

Hot Heads: Here Comes Balayage New Hair Colouring Trend

Hot Heads: Here Comes Balayage New Hair Colouring Trend


We are in the digital age where pixel is being mixed with colours. The look has officially been applied and beauty world is looking for new colouring trend called “Balayage”.


Adding pixels in your hair is easy, but you must go to expert hairstylist who has well educated, otherwise it will be a big mess.


This trend has taken off in Europe, America and many Asian Countries. Now this colouring technique is stopping any colour and style. It is easy to maintain as it grows naturally meaning you don’t need to worry about roots and touch-up appointment.


It is much easiest looking experiment and natural looking or much more unique than ombre and dip-dye look.


Balayage hair colour perfect for those of us who might be scared to make a huge colour change.