1 week ago

Don't Buy From PayPalvcc.com After You Read This!

Paypalvcc.com scammed us for several hundred dollars. We cannot imagine any more of thief than Paypalvcc.com. This guy will skype you and when you send money, he blocks you.

Amazing...to why this guy is still operating, I don't know.
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5 months ago

StealthAccounts.co.uk Scammed Millions Of People Out Of Thousands!!!!

http://stealthaccounts.co.uk and many oither scam websites are all owned by Jordan James Snell! He runs many different eBay and amazon scam websites! This time he has ripped off the wrong person! He has scammed by wife out of $4400 and taken many read more...

8 months ago

Why CheapVCCS Will Scam You Out Of Your Money

We got the specific email which they'd specialized issues and we would need to hold out only the tiny bit. he's by means of ghana, one of the trick nation inside the world.

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