2 years ago

Notebook on Cruise

For all people personal computers and laptops have an essential role in work and life. We all know that, and obviously cruise lines know that too.

That's the key reason why they put lots of energy into facilities and services that will cover information-technology needs of passengers.

For many people it's enough just to exchange few e-mails using their families or friends throughout vacation and they can do this from internet caf found both on the ship or in the port.

Nevertheless, there are always a certain amount of cruisers that dont want to separate from their notebooks even in their precious vacation time on ship. This may be for different reasons: catching-up their work if needed, keeping on web activities or activities or accessing individual records such are pictures or videos,etc...

There are a few things to keep in mind if you choose to provide notebook to cruise:

Before booking talk with cruise line or travel agent can there be and what kind of access to the internet is available on ship. That really depends in one ship to a different.

Several scenarios are possible:

No access to the internet in any way, in this case you can use your notebook in your cottage or anywhere else but only offline

Access to the internet trough ship's neighborhood network, you will need network cable for connecting and probably ships IT workers to help you with setup

WI-FI entry is best and most comfortable option, available mainly o-n new, modern ships. You may use your laptop wherever you want, in your cabin or in any public place where WI-FI sign exists. Needless to say, your product needs to have wireless access antenna to make use of this feature.

Remember that lines charge internet access and it is usually not contained in cost. Costs may vary and you better check them in advanced.

Still another important problem to take into account is security. You can't take your laptop with you all the time and it is good to know several things on the best way to avoid headache caused by losing important data or such-like...

First produce a good copy of-all of one's information on some media like CD or memory stick and keep it on safe at home. If you accomplish that, what-ever happens to the notebook you will have your data and manage to recover from loss.

If they're perhaps not absolutely necessary remove your business information from laptop before trip. In-case its stolen, for sure the last thing you need is that potential intruder has a top classified data from your own company. For supplementary information, consider peeping at: http://www.surfline.com/company/bios. This happens more often than you would think and in some instances consequences might be devastating. Therefore remove your business information on CD mentioned previously, keep it on place and put them back on after trip. If it is actually required to have company data on it also on a cruise you might con-sider using computer software encryption to secure them.

Safe use of your notebook with password. Most basic password-protection could be the one implemented within your os (Microsoft Windows mostly ).In many cases this can protect you from non welcomed users. For a different standpoint, consider looking at: www.surfline.com/company/bios. For additional protection it is also possible to utilize BIOS password. BIOS is basic computer setup menu which may be utilized if you click DEL (or another key relying of manufacturer) key during machine startup. This func-tion is normally being exhibited as press DEL to enter setup on most laptops. Three kind-of accounts are possible to enable that: