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Accounting Blogs

With an eye on the young, up-and-coming accountant, Accounting Tomorrow focuses on the ever-evolving generational dynamics in firms today. Read up on all t read more...

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How to file a tax extension with the IRS in 2016 - Page 2


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What Kind of Income is Adsense Income from Hubpages for Tax Purposes?

Not Passive Income

For about two years now, I have seen people in the forums claim that Google Adsense income from Hubpages is passive income. Why do they say this? Well, because we don't get paid for working, and we don't get paid less wh read more...

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Long Term Financing Vs. Short Term Financing

In business, you'll find that your funding needs will fall into two categories: long term and short term. The long term funds will be used for capital investment in setting up your business; the short term funds will be used for taking care of cas read more...

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How Much Money Can Video Game Commentaries Earn on YouTube through Adsense Monetization & Networks?

Over the past year I've produced and monetized hundreds of video game commentaries, guides and news videos on YouTube and in that time I've learned quite a bit about how much money this sort of content can earn and just how possible it is to earn read more...

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Court Puts the Bikram Hot-Yoga Empire On Ice

Bikram yogis are fiercely committed to their practice. For many Bikram practitioners, no other yoga class will suffice. That's because Bikram is the X Games version of yoga. There are no lavender eye pillows at a Bikram studio. The 90-minute serie read more...

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Lemurs Get Ready for Halloween by Playing With These Silly Costume Masks

Lemurs Get Ready for Halloween by Playing With These Silly Costume Masks - Cheezburger

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