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UK Grocery Shopping Online with Delivery to France

Online Shopping Deliveries to FranceOne of the things a British expat misses in France is UK shops. Ordering online is sometimes the only option to stay buying facebook likes in touch with good old English food and other familiar brand-name products, as well as multicultural cuisine ingredients from quality curry powder to satay s

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The World Of Celebrity Impersonators by John Thompson

A celebrity impersonator or buy facbeook likes cheap lookalike is an artist who copies or imitates a world famous celebrity, be it a film getting facebook likes star, pop star, politician, sportsperson or royalty. A pre-requisite for being a celebrity impersonator is that the artist must bear at least a passing resemblance to the celebrity he or she aims to impersonate. A good make-up artist will do the rest.

We are in the throes of a media revolution which has spawned a new generation of in your face celebrities. Today, celebrities are in close contact with their fans through social networkin

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Publishers are finally getting the hang of mobile ads, close the gap with desktop

Publishers mobile efforts are starting to pay off with higher prices for their ads, according to new data from PubMatic. The report on quarterly ad rates suggests that mobile advertising is beginning to mature, and not just on platforms like Facebook, but on everyday apps and across the mobile Web.

PubMatic, the marketing software technology firm, said that rates were higher and growing faster on mobile devices compared to desktop last quarter. The company sees about a billion ad impressions a day, with inventory on apps like Spotify, TuneIn, NBC, eBay, and on mobile websites.

The publishers are doing a better job improving their mobile Web designs and building responsive websi

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Mobile network big data for development: demystifying the uses and challenges.

* Why big data and why now?

Whilst the use of the term, "big data" has become ubiquitous, the definitions utilized are varied and sometimes even contradictory. This is understandable given the shared origins of the term in academia, industry and media (WARD & BARKER, 2013). The term is used to describe the characteristics of the data i.e. it involves large volumes of data, but also the process and techniques used to analyze it. The question of volume is itself subjective as what may be considered big today may be small tomorrow, given the exponentially growing deluge of data. One of the more well known and (and one of the earliest) uses of the t

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DKNY's Public Relations Nightmare Continues Over Unauthorized Use Of Humans Of New York Photos.

(http://www.dkny.com/) DKNY 's public relations nightmarecontinued Tuesday, a day after the company took steps to end acontroversy that had gone viral the day before.

The spat began Monday as the massive fan base of photographer Brandon Stanton -- the man behind the Humans of New York empire -- took to social media to slam the fashion giant for using his images without first getting his permission.

The artist, who has amassed more than 500,000 (http://www.facebook.com) Facebook 'likes' by taking artistic portratits of New Yorkers on the street and posting them each day across multiple platforms, caused a massive online backlash against DKNY on&

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10 Easy Ways to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Music Page

There are several responsibilities when it comes to playing music in a band. You need to book gigs, write or pick the right songs, rehearse, buy and maintain expensive equipment, travel (sometimes far)...and much more. One of the most crucial aspects, though, is building and cultivating a fan base. And one of the easiest ways to accomplish that online is with a Facebook Page.

A Page on Facebook differs from your regular profile account in several ways, but most notably, that you can have unlimited fans (or "Likes"), as opposed to the 5000 friend limit with your profile. You can also add free apps that you can use to customize your Page to your liking by adding a video section, posting

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Buy and Sell Antiques with the Help of Online Portals

Having and collecting old and used antiques is a passion for many. An antique is considered as one of the most important and sought after items. Having and collecting old and used antiques is a pass...

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