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Toyota Techstream TIS 11.00.017, what’s new & where to get?

This is all about
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Magenta Pump Leakage Coolant Failure Case

Symptom:MAGOTAN 1.8T new car more than 4,000 kilometers of water pump leakage of coolant, replace the pump after driving more than 1,000 kilometers, the pump once again leak antifreeze.

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XTUNER Products Introduction:E3,X500,T1 and CVD9

Here comes the introduction of XTUNER products.Currently,XTUNER products include:

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Carprog Newest Full Version V9.31 FAQs and Feedback

Here are Carprog FULL V9.31 FAQs and user feedbacks as a collection for you reference. Hope it helps.

Brief Introduction about Carprog

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Automobile Power System Key working principle

The electrical power used in automotive electrical equipment is a DC power source, which comes from batteries or generators. The electrical system, which is connected by batteries, generators, regulators, charging status indicating devices, switch read more...