2 weeks ago

How do metal detectors work in the food industry?

They are most widely used throughout the industry to detect any trace element of metal that may have got into the food during the production process. The most commonly used form of metal detector works on the principle of the balanced coil system, read more...

2 weeks ago

Tsa Plan To X-ray Air Cargo Thru Freight Forwarders

Security checkpoints, lost luggage & travel delays; all unpleasantries but considered the norm in airline travel post 9/11. Like it or not, heightened airline security is here to stay. Since I work for a manufacturer that specializes in security s read more...

2 weeks ago

Wild Life Photography Tips - South Africa by Gerald Crawford

It's important to know the behavior of the animals you're trying to photograph. By understanding their behavior you will have a better chance of finding them and you will be able to predict their actions.

By reading up on animal behavior y

2 weeks ago

Worlds Most Precious Natural Metals

It is hard to qualify metal as a precious element. Besides rarity, a precious metal must be naturally occurring, lustrous and ductile. The most important is that it must be what people wish to wear as jewelry. Most of us know that gold, silver and read more...

3 weeks ago

How to Tell Fake Black Tahitian Pearls from Real Ones

How to tell fake black Tahitian pearls from real ones, is something a lot of people have been asking.

Gemologists and jewelry experts have special X-ray machines that can differentiate a real pearl from a fake, but this is something most of read more...

3 weeks ago

Bone Scan Cost

A bone scan should not be confused with bone densitometry (DEXA) scan. The former is a nuclear medicine imaging procedure that can help detect conditions such as bone tumor, bone cancer, infections, fractures, arthritis, bone trauma, osteoporosis, read more...

3 weeks ago

In India, for India: medical device makers plug in

BANGALORE (Reuters) - In a sleek glass and chrome building in Bangalore's software hub, the more than 1,000 young researchers and engineers at GE Healthcare could hold the keys to innovations that save lives in India's vast hinterland.

Th