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"Success is a race/marathon for everyone, they will start as a lot, but only a handful will finish the race/marathon." Who said that success belong to a select few; success belongs to “you,” if you’re willing to go for it. Success is never forced to come, it is worked for. It is never handed on, one has to go for it. It is a journey which few will dare tread on it but many will try to tread on it. Success is a journey and not a destination. A successful person keeps not thr counsel of mediocre/average people nor walk in their ways.

I hope that the few points below that will share with you will inspire you and spur your desire to success. If you want to be a successful person, endeavor to remain green throughout.


  • Successful persons never TRY OUT things, they DARE to DO. They give it there best shot. One problem with you trying to do is that you will never do especially the impossible. “The person who gets the farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. The ‘sure-thing’ boat never gets far from shore.”–Dale Carnegie
  • Show me a successful person and will show you a failure person. Those who are a success, have failed in their journey; not once, twice nor thrice. They failed so many times. If you want to succeed, you need to fail. No one succeeds with just a handful of failures.  You won’t be the first person to succeed, after only failing three times. You need to fail, and fail, and fail; failure is the path to success. You stumble until you walk. It is through stumbling that you learn how to succeed. Your stumbles prepare you for success.
  • “Would you like me to give you a formula for success? It’s quite simple, really.DOUBLE RATE YOUR FAILURE. You are thinking of failure as the enemy of success. But it isn’t at all. You can be discouraged by failure or you can learn from it, So go ahead and make mistakes. Make all you can. Because remember that’s where you will find success.”–Thomas J. Watson
  • Successful people aren’t stronger than others, and they aren’t necessarily anymore intelligent than others, but they have more ZEAL than others. They have a burning desire to see their goal realized. Without zeal, you won’t have the motivation to accomplish the goal. The zeal is the fuel needed to drive you. It's the energy needed without which no movement even if the vehicle is a new brand. The zeal should be maintained throughout, since success is not a destination.
  • People with DETERMINATION AND COMMITMENT can do great things. Interested people will just have a picture in mind but end up being spectators of success. Success is the only race that needs no spectators but those who end up failing becomes the spectators. Have the determination that will take you the crown of it. "The race of success shall not be measured by the quickness of your start but by the commitment and determination of your finishing."
  • EXCELLENCE is a quality of being outstanding. It comes with a price, only those who understand it's worth can pay. Excellence is not doing what is required of you, it's the the extra you can do or give that determine the excellence; thus success.Therefore, success calls for something extra, over and above required of you.To be the best, you must provide the best service. Success is a product of excellence.
  • "Success is prepaid".SUCCESS IS WORKED FOR, it nevet comes out on it's own. It will never fall on your lap, you have to go for it. Those who are a success were willing to go for it, to work fot it no matter how little it was at the beginning. Lazy people never succeed as for them they do sit and wait. For them nothing is possible.


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LOST IN THE HOUSE LUKE : 15 What comes in your mind when you hear this, “lost in the house”. Imagine telling you that you are among those who are lost in the house. Take a minute or two to think about this four word statement The excerpt brings the stay of the prodigal son; he was lost but with timehe realized that he was lost and resolved to make a U-turn. The pouting son (brother to the lost one) was also lost and he never knew he was lost too. Think how? This suggests to me you can be lost in the house as outlined in the three examples given in Jesus parables sheep lost of the 100 sheep but still belonged to the sheepfold, the prodigal son went away from his fathers house but the pouting son stayed at home and was lost even though he was in proximity of his father. Lastly a piece of silver out of ten lost in the house. The two sons brings an element of danger, but the most pertinent danger and viable is when you get lost and still be in the presence of your father, God. Matthew 15:8-9 “these people draw near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips but their hearts are far from me(9) And in vain they worship me,teading as doctrines the commandments of men” The verse reminds me of what Mr. Alex Mutuku, the focus associate said in a Fridays evening service of 24th Oct(when he came o behalf of Ezekiel Barasa) these people are ever in church. They are kind of people who when they pass, the curtains break under and both blow in his directions. Are you among them? Relax. So you can attend the CU functions, attending missions,be a faithful member of the subcoms,sing in the choir,preach,be a pod, dad or mum of a subcom,name all the posts and it won’t matter. What is so dangerous about being lost in the house is that you will substitute a service (Cu) for recognizing where you are. I mean, you can attend CU services or come to church, be precise, and still be lost in the house. Coming to church is not an automatic indication that your spiritual compass is intact. To sum it up, let me outline three characteristics of the pouting son, the one lost bin the house Absence during his brothers reception, luke 15: 25-26. He is not interested with his brother’s celebrations, yet he was in the field where all the noise was heard. You need to learn how to celebrate your neighbors blessings ;you need to learn how to praise God for somebody else when they are promoted ,because the same hard is rich unto all that call upon Him(Rom 10:8) Anger towards his brothers returns Luke 15:27-28. You need to accept the fact that there will be some people you love who are not glad to see you coming. This shows you remained in church and raised hell because you couldn’t have it your ways; give God a praise because when I see God bless my neighbor,E.Dewey Smith said that its evident that God is still in the neighbourhood,and if am in the same neighborhood that God is in, I am eventually going to get my blessing This shows apathy during his brothers reappearance Luke 15:27-28 As I take my pen off, take another quiet moment, ponder on this, search yourself, are you also lost in the house? There are many circumstances that may render you lost while still in the presence of the father. Is it lust, jealous, adultery, fornication,just to mention but a few. It is a high time you align your ways according to God’s. Make this prayer of faith as the Psalmist (Psalms 139)“ search me oh lord and know my ways…” FEDNARD MLATI
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LUKE 19:29-40

This is a familiar story to us. It is about the Palm sunday, where Jesus rode on a donkey to Jerusalem. Jesus neverr chose to ride on the donkey, he was fulfilling a prophecy made in Zachariah 9:9-10 " rejoice grweatly, daughter Zion! shout, Daughter Jerusalem! See, your King comes to you righteuos and victorious, lowly riding on a donkey, on a colt, the foal of a donkey..." These people were anxiously waiting for this new King who will be able to bring peace since they have been fcing a lot of tribulations and suffering from a Roman Empire and they expected this new King to be powerful to conquer the nation and make therm peaceful.

I think this new King should have used a horse having the picture of these people in mind. Do you know why the donkey and not the horse? horses mostlyb are used for warfare. note that there are some characters in the Bible like Solomon who rode on donkeys for peaceful purposes. Jesus was not going for any war instead he was going to proclaim peace and healing to the nations and the donkey being mostly a calm animal was besat for.

why do people had to remove their cloaks to spread them for Jesus? well, as I have mentioned earlier, these people were tired of the tribulations they have been facing. for them to remove their cloaks, they were surrendering to to the new King, the new rule and leadership; knowing that he is Mighty and powerful than others. actually, they were revering to him to restore their peace and they were ready to serve him.

Now I want to put this story and bring a different context. In our world or life now, who is the donkey? have you ever thought of who the donkey could be? Or, we are also waiting to see Jesus coming riding on a donkey.

Well, you and I are the donkey. Yes, we are the donkey carrying Jesus Christ and taking him to nations.Now someone is asking me, how possible is this. i don't know how to put it exactly but all those who proclaim that Jesus is Lord and Saviour, are the donkeys. It is after believing in him and accepting to be set free, you become a donkey. Now you know who the donkey is if you were not aware.

Again, note hat it was the donkey that stepped on the cloaks and not Jesus, but it was Jesus who was honoured and praised not he donkey. (verse 38-39). The people saw jesus and not the donkey, but how many times have we made ourselves be known or seen and not Christ in us? or, do people see you or Christ in you, do they see a donkey or Christ? yes, it is possible for people to see you and not Christ in you. imagine, you are church elder, choir member, mam or dad of a fellowship doing unimaginable things untill people question your salvation/christianity, will they be seeing a donkey or Christ in you? How many times have we done things that we may be seen, that our presence be recognised, I mean most are the times we do things to seek attention of people intead of making these people see Jesus in us, if we are to boast , let us do in Christ.

Therefore, we whom are are called by his name and made His children, have a humble task, that we may carry the Prince of Peace to nations, that we may desire to live in Christ that he may be seen in us and people revere him, that we may make him be known to nations and that we humble ourselves for him to be glorified.

We are made " wainjilisti wa KUTAFUTA watu kwa Kristo na sio KUTAFUNA watu wa Kristo"

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I have grown hearing that "one should learn from his/her own mistake." How many times can you say that you you learnt from your mistakes? No I think I should have asked how many times haven't you learnt from your mistakes? The first question seems obvious and you can give me several insrances but to me it's not obvious since I know not once has the same mistake occured to me.


I can't name the list of mistakes here, the list is inexhaustible. But wish to share what am learning out of this. Fearing to make mistakes is the source of our failure. How do you expect to get highest grades in education if not gone to school lest you want to use dubious means.


When is the lesson starting? Yea when do we start learning from the made mistake:


Owning up the mistake. Once you accept that it's a mistake done, the lesson starts. Never shift blames or blame the world as we liking do so, if you do so then you are distancing yourself from the lessons to be learnt, as someone put it (courageously stand up and honestly say “This is my mistake and I am responsible” the possibilities for learning will move towards you.) Most successful people progress after owning up mistakes knowing that progression comes after admitting.


Owning up mistakes is so difficult, why? Can you give reasons? Well, what I know is that if you fail, you are a failure and if you make mistakes you are a mistake. But do you know that one identifies him/herself or is identified not by mistakes (s)he makes but by courage, compassionate intelligence, commitment and creativity in life.


How can we learn from the mistakes?

  • By having the confidence to admit to the mistakes either privately or publicly. This is a very important step first and if ignored then be assured no progress will follow.


  • Position yourself where you can make interesting mistakes. Never avoid making mistakes.What we are not aware about success is the fact that the more challenging the goal, the more frequent and difficult turbulents will be. "The larger your ambitions, the more dependent you will be on your ability to overcome and learn from your mistakes." Therefore, no success comes easy.


  • Be ready, I mean flexible and courageous to make changes where need be and necessary.



Therefore, be responsible for mistakes done, never equate a mistake and being a mistake, you cannot change mistakes but you can respond to them differently.


Now you can realize learning from a mistake is not easy but possible no matter the magnitude of the mistake.



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There is luck and opportunity in life, I won't differ with this but for one to have seized this two things and climb the ladder had to take some steps before.


There are NO shortcuts in life and if you choose to take one, you will always cut short. History has taught us and shown us a lot; many people who took shortcuts in life and blossomed but later withered...


Life is a gradual process, full of bunch of steps to be followed carefully. "Life is all about just putting one foot in front of the other and taking that step. That step is what it’s all about it. The NEXT one" but most of us like jumping some steps and that's why we end up complaining wherever we slip and fall down.


Life is full of instructions and can say it's more procedural. Am a walking example of this. I thought things are forced to happen and as anyone else, I wanted to be on top of the ladder but I never bothered how, what mattered to me is I should be up there. Things are NEVER forced to happen, they are MADE and WORKED OUT to happen.


I did it and was was there, but surprisingly I never lasted in that position and before I think of my adacadabra, I was climbing down. This has happen to many and we end up saying "someone has bewitched me" and many always join this school of thought but we never think of how many procedures/steps have we escaped. Someone said, "It’s in the action that we learn and change course. It’s in the action that we reality test and see which strategies work and which don’t. It’s in the action that we become more, we learn, we grow and we eventually make our dreams come true."


Therefore, life can't mature or materialize all at once as some of us think, you have at one point to crawl, stand, walk, run...and this is life. It will not happen all at once, in a magical day. You have to experience setbacks, trials, tribulations, challenges (socially, financially, materially etc) but just know it's not a punishment you a facing or going instead you are prepared to achieve and give the best in life.


Therefore, let's take life as it is and be ready to go through the journey. Those who live long to enjoy their fruits walked through the hills and valleys and they never gave up or took a flight to a flat land, NO, they went through all hell and made.


Therefore, just know you can't take a leap in life, you have to go step by step, one after another no matter how long, you will also get it there.


"The BIG goal happens one step, one moment and one action at a time."


Also our spiritual life and changes takes place step by step and and from time to time. There is no maturity. It's an ever growing process, example, Peter describes it in seven distinct steps: "Add to your faith virtue, and to virtue knowledge, and to knowledge self-control, and to self-control perseverance, and to perseverance godliness, to godliness brotherly kindness, and to brotherly kindness love in 2 Peter 1:5.


As I take off, just know anything worth the value is long lasting. If it's short lived, then it has no value. Nothing of value can be achieved in a moment, it has steps to be followed, therefore be steadfast and endure to the end since life is not a destination, it's a journey.


Set the plans, get resources, take action (motivation will come along), be steadfast, endure and always remember to patient.


The Bible says in Psalms 37:5 " Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him and he will do this"

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Am sitting here thinking how many times have I been lamenting on problems, situations, hills and valleys....the list is endless. Okay, I know you have also gone through the same in your own way....we have diverse issues as how diverse we are.


Probably, I have shared my issues with you and you assisted me out but another issues come...Some of us are more secretive to ourselves and choose to "kufa kikondoo" It maybe a good way of solving the problems or not depending on the individual. Thank you friends whom you have always given an ear to our situations and gave your best to solve them. A problem shared is half dissolved, still some sediments will be seen....


Today, I have realized that we do read, sing, narrate words to God but we don't mean the words. Or lemme ask how many times have you heard the word, songs but you take them for granted or simply you ignore?? Ignorance is very expensive...


How many times you and I have heard or read Mathew 11:28 "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.? But we have chosen to take these word for granted and continue moving on with our worries and issues...


Cast your burdens unto Jesus for he cares for you..we sang, we are singing and we'll sing this song but we just sing because we are in service but do you really bother to cast your burdens to him? I am certain we just sing to contribute to the melody or probably you mean it.


I surrender all to you... Everything I give it to you... Withholding nothing....This song is very powerful. I can't tell how many times have I sang this song in services or wherever but I am still holding back a lot of my issues and weary.

I was singing this song this morning and realized I have to surrender all to Him, I shouldn't hold nothing for Him.

Luke 1:37 says "nothing is impossible for Him"


Ignorance is no defence and so as at now I have bore enough cost of which I can't continue paying cost of it.


My Bro/Siz, you may have fallen a victim of the same like I or not but wish to challenge you that let's take the word and be doers of the word. Separate yourself, set apart yourself from hearers and ACT. Sitting down and lamenting will not solve a problem.


I have mentioned above that, a problem sharee is half dissolved but a problem casted to/share with Jesus is fully dissolved. Take a step of FAITH now and give it all to Jesus, I may not know how much you are going through, how much are you holding for yourself but this time am calling you to surrender it ALL.

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Do you know why preciuos minerals are deposited far much beneath the earth? have you ever thought or do you know why God chose to put them that way??

I think if you don't know, then I should let you know. Gold, diamond and other precious metal are very expensive and valued, therefore not every Tom, Dick and Harry can afford to secure a chance to excavate them let alone buying. So god had a purpose for this as He always have a purpose for everything.

Friends, some of our body parts as we call them ''private parts" are likewise these precious minerals. They are not to be exposed for every Tom, Dick and Harry or Mary, Jane and Grace to attempt to mine. For one to mine these minerals, need to be very serious and you mean business. No one goes to try to mine and leave.

The way these minerals are deep beneath earth that no one can see them lest you struggle, so should we dress to cover these parts well and effectively in that no one can see and make a haste judgement....