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Li Bingbing Set as Ada Wong in RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION; Stage Collapses On Set Injuring Cast and Crew

Thankfully, none involving the injuries were existence threatening. Resident Evil: Retribution opens within 3D about September 14th, 2012. Initial the adult movies great news: Milla Jovovich provides confirmed (via daily Dead) in porno movie which Li Bingbing (The Forbidden Kingdom) will be playing fan-favorite character Ada Wong inside the fifth film inside the franchise. per THR, any wheeled platform suddenly shifted although actors were relocating through 1 area associated with takes place to another, causing the entire thing in order to collapse. Within the game series, Wong can always be a secret agent that functions for your Organization. In the event that anyone missed Steves interview along with Anderson, make sure to examine on it out for more Resident Evil goodness.

. Amusingly, ambulance staff along with firemen responding for the incident had problems distinguishing real injuries from fake ones as being a quantity of the actual actors were carried out up throughout zombie make-up as well as fake blood. Director Paul W.S. Anderson not too long ago spoke for you to Steve in a lot more detail concerning Retribution along with confirmed which in addition to Wong, they will in addition be including game characters Leon Kennedy along with Barry Burton in this fifth film.

Now the actual not-so-good news: any stage collapsed this morning about the Retribution emerge Toronto, injuring 16 people.


Weve got a new couple of new Resident Evil: Retribution nuggets this afternoon

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