6 hours ago

Medi-cal Vs. Medicare


Medicare is a federal insurance program paid out of Social Security deductions. All persons over 65 who have made Social Security contributions are entitled to the benefits, as well as disabled workers who have been eligible for So read more...

4 days ago

The Secret Stories Behind Kempton Park Haunted Hospital South Africa


Ghost stories, particularly involving old and abandoned hospitals will really scare people, especially those who perceive ghost stories to be real. Kempton Park read more...

1 week ago

Get Ready To See The World!

Health business is a lucrative sector, and it is indeed one of the most promising and rewarding career for those who are professional in their area. The world is now becoming more health conscious and therefore many places in this world are in nee read more...

1 week ago

Dust explosion at car parts factory in eastern China kills 69 people, injures nearly 200

BEIJING - A suspected dust explosion at an automotive parts factory in eastern China that supplies General Motors killed at least 69 people and injured more than 180 others, state media reported Sunday, again highlighting workplace safety that rem read more...

2 weeks ago

Raw Data: Hans Blix's Report to the U.N.

The following is the text of UNMOVIC Executive Chairman Hans Blix's report to the United Nations on Jan. 27, 2003:

The resolution adopted by the Security Council on Iraq in November last year asks UNMOVIC and the IAEA to "update" the Counci read more...

2 weeks ago

Medical Inventions to Help the Poor

A motorcycle ambulance and a solar-powered hearing aid to heal the poor?

Instead of the usual donated medicines and health equipment, some experts are inventing new products for the poor, including those two inventions that were showcased r read more...

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