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Drive In racking

drive in racking

Drive in racking system is one storage system which have high storage efficiency. The structure of derive in racking is different from other racking. The post structure mainly take side and vertical strength. All pallets are put on the suport arm rail which connect with post.

Most high density drive- n pallet racking systems are little more than conventional pallet racks, adapted and reinforced to meet the stringent demands of drive-in applications.

T Racking’s drive-in racking system provides the space efficiency and high volume storage of block stacking, with easy access to pallets. There are no aisles and no cross beams, providing maximum space efficiency. And because each pallet sits on its own support rails, pallets are no longer stacked on top of each other.

The major features of drive in racking:

• Drive-in racking is tailored to pallet and load size and handling equipment.
• Can be used with standard handling equipment.
• Rails adjustable optimize space utilization.
• Elimination of many working aisles
• Ideal for products with regular circulation
• Drive Through Racking can provide FIFO principle
• Drive In Racking can provide FILO principlePallet Racking

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Teardrop Racking

  • Interlake pallet rackingTeardrop style selective pallet rack is called Selective because of it offers tremendous selectivity. You are able to access every pallet in a selective rack system. Teardrop rack is the most economical and efficient way to store pallets or bulk boxes and maximize valuable storage space in your warehouse. As the owner or leaser of a warehouse you must realize that you are paying for every square foot of space and to not maximize that space is a waste of money. Our Teardrop rack can be used for a variety of storage applications including selective pallet storage racks, narrow aisle selective, bulk storage, carpet storage, drum storage, cable reel storage, marine boat storage, retail racks, rack supported mezzanines and pick modules.

    Teardrop Selective Rack Series offers all the benefits of closed tube design plus compatibility with other teardrop patterns.Companies adding to older existing storage facilities can retain the existing rack beams and enjoy the benefits of the stronger more torque resistant teardrop uprights. New beams will also fit most existing uprights.

    Teardrop Upright Frames made of 14 or 15 GA. tubular steel with horizontal and diagonal bracing. Includes standard foot plates. Our racking is available with a 3 w. x 1-5/8 d. x 15 Ga. steel column offering 15,000 lbs. capacity; 3 x 3 x 15 Ga. steel column with 19,980 lbs. capacity; 3 x 3 x 14 Ga. steel column with 24,540 lbs. cap. or 3 x 3 x 12 Ga. steel columns with 30,000 lbs cap. Capacities are based on beam levels spaced every 48 . Our heavy-duty uprights offer greater resistance, less torque for greater resistance to fork truck damage. Affordable rack reinforcement will increase rack life and save you from replacing damaged uprights. Standard upright color is green or royal blue.

    Upright Frames are made of two columns joined together by diagonal and horizontal Steel Bracing. We have high strength rolled steel bracing that is either welded or comes factory bolted with grade five serrated lock nuts. Our teardrop rack is manufactured to RMI (Rack Manufacturers Institute) Specifications.

    Teardrop Step Beams are made of 14 Ga. or 16 Ga. tubular steel include factory installed Auto lock Safety clip makes a clicking sound when beam is secure and prevents beams for dislodging. Full filet welds adds to beams strength and durability. Safety orange beams allow lift truck drivers easy recognition of beam level at high elevations. Safety orange color aids in safe loading and unloading of racks.Pallet Racking

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Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking is a special storage system to conserve cargo put on pallet. Each pallet need one position, thus it’s also called pallet position racking. The cargo is 100% selective, thus it’s also named selective pallet racking. The major components of racking system is upright frame and beam. Pallet Racking system is simple but reliable. According to the warehouse turnout situation and loading capacity, there are various of specification and size to be chosen.


1. Offer customer 100% pallet selective right, customer can pick up any pallet they want. Beam can be adjustable by 75mm/50mm or 76.2mm(dexion style for empire size)

2. The size can be tooling according to warehouse situation, different loading available. Beam level loading capacity can be up to 5000kg/level.

3. Height of single post can be 12 meter , the system is flexible and can be structure of other storage system like mezzanine floor, automatically racking system and mobile racking system. Pallet Racking also can be structure fame of steel warehouse.

4. Various of component and accessory and add into pallet racking system to meet customer special requirement, like wire decking, steel shelf, drum support…etc.

5. The total investment cost is low, easy to install and relocation. It’s suitable for different material handling equipment.

Pallet Racking Structure

1. Upright Frame consists of 2 single post, horizontal bracing & diagonal bracing and bolts & nuts to connect them. The structure could give system a stable support. There are 2 or 3 lines of holes on post , the pitch is usually 75mm or 50mm, which make the beam height can be adjustable by 75mm or 50mm freely. Post section have 11-13 face, which increase the loading capacity. Upright Frame is made by rolling and forming machine.

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Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanine Floor
  • Mezzanine floor is also called multi tier racking and steel platform. It can maximum storage space especially in height direction. Mezzanine floor have several tiers to storage more then normal racking and shelving system. We can use forklift, lift platform to lift the cargo on second & third floor. Usually we use pallet truck to move cargo on the <a href="http://www.t-racking.com/">Pallet Racking</a>.

    Usually we use heavy duty pallet racking or medium duty longspan shelving as the frame support the mezzanine, for light duty mezzanine we can also use boltless shelving. Steel floor or steel grating is the most common for mezzanine. Mezzanine floor is widely used in auto parts, 4S shop, electronic or textile industry.

    Mezzanine Floor Structure:

    Considering the whole system stability, we use whole upright frame as support structure for mezzanine floor, no matter how many level it is. In such design, the major weight capacity load on the racking system and increase safety coefficient


    1. Mezzanine floor can help increase the storage space in height a lot, which also maximum storage space.

    2.Mezzanine floor have special steel floor which have strong loading capacity. The surface is even and easy to lock.

    3. It’s easy to install and relocation, the structure is reliable also looks beautiful.

    4. Mezzanine floor can be used to store various of different items.


    The application area of mezzanine floor is very wide. It’s most used in auto, electricity, mechanical and chemical industry, as well as furniture industry to store long items.

    The installation of mezzanine floor is very complex compare with pallet racking. Under the help of assemble instruction, customers can build it freely without problem.

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Angle Shelving

  • Slotted Angle shelving covers all storage requirements, ranging from complete requirement plans to the most immediate.

    Totally dismountable, the shelves can be modified or expanded both vertically in height, and horizontally in length.

    An ideal system for the manual storage of both light loads and even relatively heavy ones.

    A wide range of applications accomdates both the straightforward assembly of shelves plus the inclusion of a broad range of additional elements, such as benches, tables, etc.

    Flexible structure to freely assemble
    Adjustable layer height (pitch: 50mm)
    Simple and quick installation
    Mainly used as storage solution for manually handled light loads and sorting lines
    Slotted Angle Shelving, framed by common angle iron, assembled by connective
    or inserting method, are very convenient for installation Pallet Racking

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How to import Granite Slabs From The Suppliers?

The first step in any import transaction is to research your slabs and find out your granite slab suppliers. Granite slab is an igneous rock composed of feldspar, mica and quartz and is a common mineral that is just about as old as the earth. The granite slab is a thin piece of granite which is cut by gang saw. It is used for fabricating countertops, granite tiles, tabletops, Flooring tiles, stair slabs, and so on. It is mined in quarries out of the ground in large granite blocks. After mine the granite bocks, they are transported to the gangsaw factory where it is “sliced like bread” either 2cm or 3cm thick and one side of each slab is polished, honed, flamed, brushed, leathered, etc. Then, ready to export.

Now, you can begin locating
granite slabs suppliers. There are quite a few suppliers of granite slabs mined in India, China, Italy, Brazil and other countries. The CWS factory is a great place to produce granite slab as a supplier. It is one of the biggest granite slab manufacturers in China, to the most technologically advanced fabricating machinery, to the beautiful finished slabs. For importing stone, Whether you find your suppliers online or at trade shows, you will want to conduct thorough research into the big slabs and the supplier to ensure you are protecting your company and brand in the process.

According to shipping records found at Import Granite Genius, there have been 54,098 shipments of granite slabs into the American ports over the last 12 months. By utilizing a site like Import Genius, you will be able to view all shipping records for granite slabs, track your competitors, estimate granite selection trends in the America. and see who is likely to be a reliable supplier or shipper. Welcome to visit our web:
www.china-granite-slabs.com  for more information.

granite slabs supplier

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Why Choose Granite Slabs

Why Choose Granite Slabs

Granite slab is a beautiful, natural, hard wearing work surface, which if cared for properly will last a life time and will actually add value to your house. Granite is formed from deep underground volcanic magma cooling slowly over millions of years, forged from tremendous heat and pressure it is the ultimate work surface material.

Granite slab is much harder and less porous than other types of worktops such as marble slabs or slate slabs.

Granite 0.4 - 1.5
Marble 0.5 - 2.0
Slate 0.4 - 5.0
Limestone 0.6 - 31.0
G562 Maple leaf Red Granite Slabs

True granite slab is an “igneous” rock formed when molten rock cools deep inside the earth.  The size of the grains and crystals of the minerals that make up the rock are determined by the temperature, pressure and speed of cooling.  Rock that cools rapidly is made up of small crystals and tends to be harder and stronger.  Rock that cools slowly has larger more dramatic crystals but is often weaker.

There is a lot of stone slabs on the market today that is sold as granite but is, in fact, not true granite slabs.  Sedimentary rocks (rocks deposited as layers of sediments) consist of cemented grains of sand, shale and other minerals – slate is a good example.  Limestone consists of the fossilized shells of sea creatures that lived millions of years ago.  Metamorphic rocks are those which started as one kind of stone and changed under heat and pressure into another type of rock.  Marble and Gneiss (“nice”) are examples.

Many rocks that are called granites are in fact Gneiss or a kind of layered granite.  None of this really matters so long as you can find the stone with the color, texture and strength that you need.

The key minerals in granite are quartz (very hard), feldspar, and softer minerals such as mica which add special reflectivity and drama.  Even though it is very hard, granite can be scratched because of the presence of softer minerals, and it can be broken or chipped because of the weaknesses along grain boundaries.  Similarly some minerals in natural stone can be attacked by acidic liquids – lemon juice, coke etc, some more so than others.

g603 granite slabs

Another fact often misunderstood by customers is that the glossy shine of natural stone isn't caused by something coating the surface, it is the actual stone polished to a mirror finish using diamond polishing pads.  Waxes and polishes just produce a water-resistant surface and add some reflectivity - like waxing your car.

Some granite slabs are coated with a resin at the  granite slabs factory before final polishing.  This helps to strengthen weaker stones and fills some of the natural pits in the surface.