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The Duty to Report a Crime: Is It Law in Your State?

When a crime occurs and bystanders are around, you would hope they call the police or offer to help. However, that’s not always the case. Bystanders don’t report crimes they witness out of fear or other reasons. Also, what if they are mistaken, and no crime actually occurred? Even worse, what happens when someone completely makes up a crime, tying up police forces and resources?

Gang Rape in California; Duty to Report?

Let’s say you’re walking down a street and witness a robbery. You can report it, but you don’t have to. There’s generally no duty to report a crime unless special circumstances exist. While this is the general rule in the United States, it has recently been subject to much discussion and criticism.

In California, as many as 10 males raped and beat a 15-year-old girl outside a high school’s homecoming dance. Investigators believe the beating and rape lasted for more than two hours and as many as 20 people watched and did nothing. Reporters even say some witnesses took photos and laughed.

While six males, ranging in age from 15-21 were charged, one of the biggest issues raised is the conduct of the bystanders. It’s been reported that none of the bystanders made any attempt to stop the crime or call the police. Only hours later, after overhearing some people talking about the event did a person call the police. The police found the girl unconscious under the bench where she’d been left.

While the bystanders’ actions may have been immoral, they didn’t break the law and are unlikely to face any criminal charges. It’s very rare to charge someone for failing to act unless a special relationship, such as a parent and child relationship, exists. In some states, doctors and teachers must report suspected child abuse. Otherwise, there’s no duty to report.

However, national outrage over this recent incident may lead states to create new laws punishing bystanders who don’t report such awful crimes. While it may be difficult to prove negligence, there is an interest in protecting people against violent crimes, and this interest outweighs the privacy interest of bystanders, who could’ve easily called the police instead of using their cell phones to take pictures.

However, this raises another issue, what happens when a crime is reported, but turns out to be false?

Syndicated Evidence Planting at NAIA: Staff Protects Criminals.

For almost 10 years, people have suspected of bullet planting going on at the NAIA. On October 2015, the illegal operation exploded in social media with scores of victims coming out to reveal their ordeal. The government response was to deny and keep silent.

Obviously even the innocent staff know of the criminal activity yet they concealed the perpetrators- against the local laws called "Obstruction of Justice" (source: http://www.plazolaw.com/criminal-law/failure-to-report-crimes-am-i-liable/ ) According to that article, knowing of a crime and concealing the same carries heavy penalties.

False Reporting: The College “Gunman”

A student at St. Paul College recently reported an armed man in a campus elevator, who appeared upset over his financial aid. As a result, the building was evacuated, more than 40 police officers responded to the charge and SWAT officers came.

The report turned out to be bad; the woman’s reasons for the false call aren’t yet clear. Yet 42-year-old Charleeta Brown has been charged with falsely reporting a crime and will likely have to go to court. (source: http://www.twincities.com/ci_13758993?IADID=Search-www.twincities.com-www.twincities.com&nclick_check=1 )

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Joseph Plazo and his Suggested Heikin Ashi Trading Strategy.

Summary:Joseph Plazo and his Recommended Heikin Ashi Trading Strategy.

Joseph Plazo is a well-known money trader who endorses the utilization of heiken ashi lines.

As a backdrop, candlestick patterns give signs that are powerful when you join them with other investigation to reversal. However, the standard candlestick pattern is poor to the heikenashi variant..

So that the inquiry is easy. Is there a more effective method to trade candlestick patterns?

Yes. HeikenAshi candlestick chart.

A Heiken-Ashi candlestick chart is a unique tool that offers a different perspective of price activity.

Heiken-Ashi (HA) charts are candlestick charts derived from normal candlestick charts. These really are the formula for Heiken Ashi bars.

HA Close = Average of Open, High, Low, Close
HA Open = Mid point of preceding HA pub
HA Low = Lowest of Low, HA Close, HA Open

As you see from the formula above, we construct Heikenashi candlesticks with current and past cost data. Hence, it creates a smoothing effect like that of a moving average. It evens out small price fluctuations to emphasize price trends.

The strategy I tested was based on the EUR/USD pair on the 4-hour timeframe. Joseph Plazo on forexfactory.com urged the protocols

The strategy I backtested is:

Commerce Long when Heikin-Ashi turns favorable and MACD is below 0
Trade Short when Heikin-Ashi turns negative and MACD is above 0
Close Long when Heikin-Ashi turns negative
Close Short when Heikin Ashi turns positive
I used a stop loss and profit target of the ATR * 10.

Additionally, I just took trades that happened during the European trading session. This includes.

Finally, I needed to take account of the summer slow down in the financial markets a so excluded the months of August and July from my investigation.

In the very first year of testing I made a net of $54,000 from a base investment of $15,000. Upon the recommendation of Joseph Plazo, I came up with added rules:

Modified Trading Rules for Heiken Ashi Strategy.

Purchase Rules:

Criteria #1: Heiken Ashi candlestick has to close above the 144 period SMA
This is your purchase entry.

Stop-loss method:

1) Location stop below the last swing low.

2) Close the trade when opposite signal (sell) is activated.

Cost Objectives (partial profit taking):

Book gains that are 50% at 1:1 danger-to-reward. Book 50% profits at 1:3 (use trailing stop).

Sell Rules:

Criteria #1: Heiken Ashi candlestick has to close below the 144 interval SMA
Standards #2: Heiken Ashi candlestick must be reddish
This is your entry that is sell.

Stoploss process:

1) Place stop over the previous swing high.

2) Close the commerce when opposite sign (sell) is triggered.

Objectives: See purchase trading rules.

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Star Wars is One Wonderful Movie. See it and take pleasure in the Legend!

Star Wars is One Awesome Film. Watch it and take pleasure in the Legend!

There's been so much secrecy surrounding J.J. Abrams' Star Wars Episode VII that we didn't even known what the accustomed subtitle to the film would be. We eventually understand that the complete name of the film will be Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens, and that knowledge permits us to start to speculate about what that subtitle may entail.

For months on end there has been a steady flow of gossips about Episode VII's storyline - and there an interesting amount of these rumors which could be seen as fitting in perfect synch with what the name "Power Awakens" could be hinting at.


Star Wars Spinoff Films Force Awakens Subtitle Prove Narrative Rumors True?

The set up is a dreary future 30 years after Return of the Jedi. Things haven't been simple, as The Empire http://www.theforce.net/story/front/Star_Wars_The_Force_Awakens_8Bit_Teaser_161969.asp hasn't simply rolled over and expired with the defeat of the Emperor. It is been a long haul fight for both sides.

The narrative starts with John Boyega as a stormtrooper (or stormtrooper type) who's shot down on over a desert planet (which might or might not be Tattooine). There he encounters Daisy Ridley's character, who helps protect and treat him, thereby beginning his transition to the side that is good.

After striking a severed hand Boyega and Ridley try to return it (either out of obligation or for profit).

Ridley's character is said to be a street-smart salvager. She brings the lightsaber for information to him - however he may be an star wars movies old member of the Jedi-hunting Inquisitors, who are connected to the Sith.

Boyega's quest and Ridley finally leads them to Han Solo and Chewbacca , who recognize the lightsaber as Luke Skywalker's.

With the kids in tow, Han and Chewy set off to find Luke, who has supposedly been missing since the events of Episode VI (or sometime afterwards).

When they find Luke Skywalker, he can be half-wild living in self imposed exile (Obi Wan style). As a Master Jedi, Luke is supposedly paranoid like his father and falling to evil about the power he wields.

Luke reveals to Boyega and Ridley that the Inquisitors - who are indeed actively hunting down any Jedi Masters or Jedi-in- training when Episode VII takes place - are very much linked to the Sith. (The first Inquisitor was just introduced in the Star Wars Rebels cartoon series.)

This prompts a flashback, showing Darth Vader recruiting the initial Inquisitors. That sequence could also (somehow) incorporate an extremely young Leia, who rumor has it'll be played by Carrie Fisher's biological daughter Billie Lourd.

At some stage, Boyega's former boss/commanding officer (Gwendoline Christie) catches up to the youthful heroes and shows her very own link to the Force - possibly being an associate of the Inquisitor organization, whose positions may additionally include the characters played by Lupita Nyong'o and others.

Concept art shows what may be Boyega and Ridley eventually having a showdown on an ice planet with a cybernetic villain whose identity has yet to star wars the force awakens hd 2015 leak be affirmed.

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Philippine Occupations: The Economical Scenario for Philippine Vocations Online.

Philippine Occupations: The Economical Situation for Philippine Professions Online.

Since it offers a workable solution for the challenges businesses face in the market today and it offers extra advantages for the executive temp. Learn the secrets of income generation with Mr. Tycoon.

I expect you're not buying into the latest hype that "Search Engine Optimization is dead," and "social is the new investigation." In reality, SEO is evolving into an amalgamation of content marketing, tried and true SEO techniques, and social media optimization. It is developed more sophisticated, but no less precious. With all that in your mind, I want to share with you to making lots of money on-line this 2016 my technique. Download here: http://tinyurl.com/n7vc4klOne of the greatest reasons contract hiring is so popular is the element of "change". In the current economy, the speed with which things change can wreak havoc on a business 's productivity (and profitability).

This aggressive outlook signifies 135,000 new hires! That is twice what the industry might add in a typical quarter. Now might be the time to consider executive contracting if you are thinking about a career move.

Benefits for Philippine Job Search the Business

By hiring executives on a contract basis, an organization can fight those rapid, required changes in a fast and proactive manner effectively turning what may be a potentially negative situation into a positive one based on these alternatives:

By hiring executives on a contract basis, businesses can buy time until they find a direct-hire replacement.

With a vacant position vacant and company officials looking at what might be a prolonged recruiting and interviewing process, an alternative that is substantially quicker can be provided by an executive temp. And, let's face it... a two-week notice is barely ever enough time when you need to hire and replace a valuable worker.

The home market continues to be a problem with relocating direct hires from the other side of the nation. Firms sometimes must wait as new hires struggle to sell their homes, pushing their move back by months.

Because there is usually a set duration for a contract, the worker receives an additional benefit in that the executive temp automatically moves away from planning toward performance; i.e., results oriented.

Here are a few reason why a high level executive might appreciate contracting.

More flexibility by making use of their schedules. When they want to work for three months or six months and take off time, they can. Some executive temps aren't required to work a full workweek and they may be able to split their time between working on site or off site.

Compensation will probably be as if hired on a full-time basis and, occasionally, it could be more because they are paid for each hour worked including overtime in accordance with normal policies that are hiring.

Some may welcome working in a different state job search but a person who has an ailing spouse or little kids might think about the travel to be a hardship.

High level executives say the challenge of a contract assignment offers an opportunity to continuously develop their portfolio of skills as opposed to handling the same place for longer periods of time.

Next time you speak with your executive recruiter or are thinking of applying for a place that is new, find out when they've some contract places matching your background and credentials. Are you prepared for a fresh challenge?