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Social media positive for teens? Maybe!

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Report: Young Adults say social media more positive as compared to negative

In fact, based on a new report a year ago through the nonprofit little one advocacy group Good Sense Media, one out of five teenagers stated social media makes them feel a lot more confident, compared along with 4% which said it makes them feel much less so.

In your survey regarding a lot more than 1,000 13- to 17-year-olds about how exactly these people view his or her digital lives, 28% mentioned social networking produced all of them really feel a lot more outgoing versus 5% whic

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Make Friends Online Quickly With Like-Minded People

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International News | World News


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Use of Lockets in Weddings

Lockets make a sentimental wedding gift concept that will final for many years to come. Brides can give lockets to the bridal get together, and the girls can dress in them at the wedding ceremony. A groom may want to give his wife a locket as a wedding ceremony gift that she can treasure and even use as an heirloom. Lockets can also be a gift to bear in mind loved ones or commence a loved ones tradition.

Give a locket wedding gift to maintain in line with the adage, "something previous, one thing new, anything borrowed something blue." The mother of the bride can pass on a locket she wore on her wedding ceremony day or 1 that belonged to a loved 1 this kind of as a grandmother. It can become a family members tradition to give the locket to the bride on future wedding days.

The photographs within the locket give you a opportunity to personalize the gift. Incorporate favorite memories with your close friends if you are giving the locket to your bridal get together. If the locket is an heirloom, put a image of the bride's mother and father on one particular side and her own engagement photograph on the other side. If the bride misses a beloved pet, use the animal's picture. Or, use a photo on 1 side and have the other side engraved with a wedding ceremony date, special phrase or the word "really like."

Since lockets express recollections, the bride may want to use the jewellery in her wedding ceremony. She can wear the locket to add a vintage feeling to her wedding ceremony attire. Pin a locket with images of loved ones who have passed on into the bridal bouquet. If the bouquet has ribbons tie the lockets from the edge of the ribbon. Use a locket in a boutonniere so the groom can include images of close friends or loved ones who are not in a position to be in attendance.

There are types of lockets for every single wedding ceremony. A locket can be a conventional heart shape with floral engraving on the outside. Lockets come in the kind of rings or have diamonds on the outside. Shell out to have the photograph engraved directly on the metal for a present day locket.

Lockets aren't just for ladies. For a wedding gift for your groom, pick a men's locket that he can dress in each day. Some lockets appear like dog tags. Or acquire 婚禮攝影 cufflink lockets for the groom to wear on the big day.

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How to Write An Effective Help Wanted Ad

After reading Help Wished Advertisements throughout the last yr, I have a few ideas for those writing the ads.

one. Know what you want the work to be.

This may possibly entail writing out a chart or a short outline so you can see what the work actually is.

The title of the work is not as crucial as the duties. Believe via almost everything you want the particular person to do and compose it down. After it is written you can condense the wordage.

two. If you have an essential necessity, like

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Sex.com And ABCSearch.com Join Forces To Generate Maximum Search Results; Sex.com Signs Major Distribution Deal For Its Search Results.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Sex.com (www. sex.com), the premium grownup Net

search engine, is announcing its initial distribution partnership ever.

The partnership is with ABCSearch.com (http://www.abcsearch.com/), a

foremost industrial meta-search engine. The agreement is a strategic move

for both businesses who have previously seen a important rise in each

targeted traffic and income. This is the very first of its kind partnership between

the leader in the.

adult search engine se

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Yahoo beats Google in traffic for first time in 2 years

For the first time in much more than two years, Yahoo websites were the most visited in the country in July, according to a regular monthly report from comScore, which tracks exclusive visitors to U.S.

properties across the World wide web.

With 196.six million guests to 192.3 million who visited Google properties, Yahoo (YHOO) bested its competitor, which has prolonged held onto the top spot, for the 1st time since Might 2011. Yahoo's.

special visitors were up by approximately twenty% in contrast to July of last year, when it came in third behind Google and Microsoft (MSFT), according to comScore.

July's no. one spot is a notable win for Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, who has made a number of adjustments given that taking more than website traffic generator the troubled company final July. Yahoo did not react to a request for comment.

The comScore report is inclusive of desktop visitors only. A a lot more complete report is due out up coming week. Even though Google usually beats Yahoo handily in mobile traffic, Mayer has noted that Yahoo has seen a recent uptick in mobile.

Considering that Mayer took the reins, the Sunnyvale, Calif.-primarily based organization has acquired a lot more than a dozen begin-ups, most notably Tumblr, and revamped a number of the websites.

Relevant: Review: Smarter, richer folks use Google

Traffic for Tumblr -- which was the web's 28th most common U.S. home in July, according to the report -- did not directly contribute to Yahoo's visitor tally, said Andrew Lipsman, comScore's vice president of market evaluation.

In an earnings call final month, Mayer noted that Yahoo web page views were increasing after a lot more than a 12 months of declines, citing recently refreshed versions of Yahoo mail, climate, sports, information and Tumblr, each on desktop and mobile.

The revamped Yahoo mail app for tablets, for instance, brought a 120% boost in every day lively Yahoo mail end users, according to the business.

Mayer has repeatedly explained that she wants the company to focus on consumers' "daily habits" in order to make goods that will grow to be a part of users' routines.

Yahoo's stock was down somewhat Wednesday, but is up a lot more than 80% from a yr in the past.

CNNMoney (New York) First published August 21, 2013: six:49 PM ET