9 months ago

Facelift Dentistry's Dr. Sam Muslin Named 'LA's Top Cosmetic Dentist for 2015'

SANTA MONICA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Peers give a nod of approval to a prominent West Coast dentist who is

changing patients' health and quality of life with his VENLAY

restorations and non-surgical Face Lift Dentistry method.

10 months ago

Group challenges acai berry weight-loss claims

Acai juices sell for as much as $40 per bottle. "It'd be a lot less expensive."

Companies selling acai fruits are under investigation aft <a class='fecha' href=read more...

10 months ago

Pantene Beautiful Lengths and Selena Gomez Challenge You to Join #8or8

"Pantene Beautiful Lengths helps women with cancer feel better about

themselves," said Selena Gomez, Pantene Ambassador. "I love that

you can support the cause in a variety of different ways with the #8or8


10 months ago

The Solution for Men's Pants that Won't Stay Up by Janine Giorgenti

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