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Shri G Ramalingam - A Tribute

Shri G Ramalingam - A Tribute

I had known him for the past 33 years .During all these years I used to meet him almost daily.But we seldom spoke to each other.He was an X-ray Technician. And me a Lab one.Our tight work schedule hardly allowed us to engage in social nicety.Yet a read more...

2 years ago

A Lab Technician's Woes

Summonned into the Boss's room I stood firm and answered: "I am only trying to do my best". 

Visibly enraged he retorted:"Your best is not at all good".

Trained to be irreverent I naturally rose to

2 years ago

Nagamma(In Memory of a Practioner of a past Profession)

Burdened with a bucketful of nightsoil on one hand

And a tattered broom and a rust-encrusted  rake on the other

She cooed in a delightful dialect :

'emi nayna, baga vunnava ?'

Her b

2 years ago

A Beginning

A BeginningAs I will be writing mostly about my work it is only appropriate that I state my attitude towards work in the first Blog. If you are poor - Work If health is threatened - Work If disappointments come - Work If you are rich - Continue to Work If read more...