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The differences observed between acute and chronic allergen exposure are presumably a function of the morphological changes in the airways resulting from the prolonged allergen exposure. We observed significantly greater airway responsiveness to m read more...

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Fig. 11. GLD 1- Lithic tools from the 2011–2012 excavations collection (n° 20–22) and the 2010-spoil collection from S3 (n° 1–19).Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
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A flask was charged with FeCl3 (5.0 mol% with respect to the repeating unit, 8 mmol), poly(dimethylsiloxane) 12 (160 mmol with respect to the repeating unit) and 1-decanol (4 equiv. per repeating unit, 640 mmol). The re read more...

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To reconcile the Ar Ar dated lava flow records

3.8. Santa Rosa excursion
Fig. 6. Age spectrum and inverse isochron diagrams of laser incremental heating data from experiments on each of six large sanidine phenocrysts from sample VGR-3 (Singer and Brown, 2002) in read more...

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Approximate He production rates in CaCO The Tibet site

AMS samples were pretreated, combusted and graphitized in the University of Waikato AMS laboratory, with 14C/12C measurement by the University of California at Irvine (UCI) NEC compact (1.5SDH) AMS system. The pretreated samples were converted to read more...

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Various meta-heuristics were trialled for solving the cable routing problem (8). A genetic algorithm was finally selected as, in initial experimentation, it was found to be the most robust. Furthermore genetic algorithms are the most popular appro read more...

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4. Economic analysis
In this section the economic advantages that the plant can ensure are analysed. In particular, the payback ABT263 (PBP), th read more...