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London Mint Office honours 50th Anniversary of Churchills death with Launch of commemorative Krugerrand coin

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the death of Sir

Winston Churchill, the London Mint Office has launched a limited-edition

commemorative coin and medal set featuring the Krugerrand, with a

ce

2 days ago

Gold falls 1 pct on Europe woes; platinum slides

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Gold fell 1 percent for a second straight session on Monday to hit a one-week low and platinum sank to its lowest level in more than two months, after climbs in Spanish bond yields fed concerns about the euro zone debt crisis read more...

2 days ago

SA mining groups show profits.

The rising price of gold had a significant impact on the

profitability of South Africa's mines, almost all of which showed

increases in available profits during the year.

According to the Chamber of Mines, South Africa produce read more...

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Ephedrine Tablets

What are Ephedrine tablets? Ephedrine tablets are a popular type of thermogenic fat burners. Additionally, ephedrine is also popularly known as an appetite suppressant. Ephedrine is what is known as an amine. It shares some similarities with metha read more...

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VectorVests All-New Stock Advisory App Now Available for Android

CHARLOTTE, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--VectorVest, the highly-regarded system providing daily market analysis

for over 19,000 stocks worldwide, announced today the release of the

VectorVest Stock Advisory App for Android. The app is off read more...

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The 5 Worst Ways to Buy Gold

Last Updated Jun 7, 2010 7:20 PM EDT

A record run-up in the prices of precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum over the past decade have turned commodities into one of the nation's hottest investments. That's got every body talking read more...

2 weeks ago

Current Value of a Krugerrand

In 1967 the government of South Africa decided to increase the marketing of South African gold so they minted the Gold Krugerrand. This coin was the first of its kind and was valued with the monetary value of gold. As investors see the uncertainty read more...