2 weeks ago

Dishwasher Repairman Caught Jacking Up Price

How much does it cost to make a simple repair on a dishwasher? Eight Long Island, N.Y.-area companies observed by ABCNEWS hidden cameras charged just $45 to $76 for one repair, but the price a ninth company charged might have consumers hanging on read more...

2 weeks ago

Why Appliances Need Repairs So Often


By Caroline MayerNew models break down more quickly than ever. Here's how to decide whether to repair or replace a clunker.

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3 weeks ago

Replacing Fridge Seals to Reduce Electricity Costs

With Electricity being such a major household expense, more people are looking at ways to cut back their electricity bills. With the refrigerator being one of the larger users of electricity in most households, checking your fridge door seals have read more...

3 weeks ago

Archive News & Video for Tuesday, 29 Oct 2013

Our Flagship financial information platform incorporating Reuters Insider

An ultra-low latency infrastructure for electronic trading and data distribution

A connected approach to governance, risk and compliance

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4 weeks ago

Appliance Repair & Maintenance Guide

There are many factors consumers need to consider before hiring an appliance repair service. Home appliances are expensive, and you want to ensure the company you hire is reputable and has the skills required to complete the fix in a timely and ef read more...

4 weeks ago

Home Improvement :: My Fridge Doesn't Cool - Could It Be The Freon?

Freon based refrigerators are a thing of the past these days, so when one goes out, it may be difficult determine the problem or even figure out where to get the parts to fix it. There are some models which the parts are now relics such as the R12 read more...

1 month ago

Home Improvement :: Appliance Repair Safety

In servicing Appliance equipment, you must often expose Appliance components to observe the operation before you begin testing. Use reasonable caution and you should have no problem. Keep hands and fingers away from appliance moving belts and pull read more...