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Beyond the Bedside: The Changing Role of Today's Nurses

The nursing role is rapidly evolving as nurses are tasked with an even wider range of health care responsibilities. Caring for the sick has certainly gotten more complicated. Hospitals are understaffed. Budgets are tight.

The graying of our society -- plus growing rates of diabetes, obesity, and other conditions -- means the health care system is dealing with an increasing number of complex illnesses. And with political elections looming, it's unclear what the regulatory landscape might look like in the future.

In hospitals, clinics, and care centers around the US, nurses are rising to meet these challenges. And advanced nursing education is empowering nurses to lead the way

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Snowden shelterers in Hong Kong seek Canada asylum: lawyer | Reuters

TORONTO Three families who helped shelter former U.S. National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden in Hong Kong in 2013 after his mass leak of information about surveillance programs have asked Canada for asylum, their lawyer said on Friday.

The families - three Sri Lankan adults, a Filipina, and three stateless children - have had long-pending asylum claims in Hong Kong that they fear may soon be rejected, lawyer Marc-Andre Seguin said in a phone interview from Hong Kong.

Seguin said the families had been thrust into the spotlight after the September release of the Oliver Stone film "Snowden" which referred to their role in wikipedia reference Snowden's flight from the United States in 2013 and, eventually, to Russia.

Seguin said the families and Hong Kong-based lawyer Robert Tibbo, who introduced his clients to Snowden, now face increasingly adverse circumstances in Hong Kong.

They said that they have been "actively sought by Sri Lankan operatives" in recent months and fear for their safety in Hong Kong, Seguin said. Reuters could not independently verify their stories.

A spokeswoman for Canada's Find Out More immigration minister said his office does not comment on current or possible cases and could not confirm or deny having received the applications.

Hong Kong authorities have yet to confirm that they are investigating claims Sri Lankan operatives were working in the territory, but a Security Bureau spokesman said it was illegal for foreign agencies to carry out law enforcement action within Hong Kong.

"Everyone in Hong Kong is protected by Hong Kong laws regardless of his or her identity and background," the bureau spokesman said.

Snowden's leaks of classified information about government surveillance programs caused an international furor over the reach of U.S. spy operations. His defenders see him as a whistleblower who exposed the extent of government snooping on citizens. He has been allowed to remain in Russia for another three years and will next year page qualify to apply for Russian citizenship, his Russian lawyer was quoted as saying in January.

(Additional reporting by Andrea Hopkins and Greg Torode; Editing by Frances Kerry and Sam Holmes)


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Hong Kong's Real Estate Is World's Peak

The bar for luxury residential real estate in Hong Kong, already one of the most expensive areas in the world, has been raised.

The Peak, at 1,811 feet above sea level, is the highest point on Hong Kong Island and has symbolized prominence and wealth since the 19th century. Formally known as Victoria Peak, it towers above the heart of the city and has spectacular, 360-degree views of all of the surrounding islands. To live there signifies a status level for which captains of industry from around the world are willing to pay top dollar.

Last month, The Peak exceeded its own lavish reputation, with local headlines claiming it is the site of the most expensive residential piece of

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Integrated neighborhoods more common across the US, study finds

Integrated neighborhoods more common across the US, study finds

Integrated neighborhoods more common across the U.S., study findsThe Adams Morgan neighborhood in Washington, D.C. is a culturally diverse area that derives its name from two previously segregated elementary schools. Credit: The Carol M. Highsmith Archive in the Library of Congress

In all parts of the United States, the number of neighborhoods that sustain a mix of black, white, Asian and Hispanic residents over time is growing quickly, a new study finds.

"It is striking that while the all-

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Chris Wallace steers debate focus from personal attacks to policy

Chris Wallace steers debate focus from personal attacks to policy - Columbia Journalism Review

Hillary Clinton shakes hands with Fox News anchor and moderator Chris Wallace as Donald Trump (R) looks on after the third U.S. presidential debate on October 19, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

For a debate cycle that has prized personal characteristics over policy positions, last night's final meeting between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump presented a striking contrast to the mudslinging attacks of previous showdowns.

Though Trump mentioned

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Important Things To Keep In Mind When It Comes To Your Roof

Maintaining and repairing your roof are two of the most critical things a homeowner needs to do. The trouble with this is that people don't know what to do when it comes to roofing so that the roof stays in good shape. By paying attention to information here, you can learn how to keep your roof in great condition for many years into the future.

If your roof leaks, wait for it to dry before you find out where exactly it is and try to fix it. Fixing a leak can take some time and walking on a slippery roof is extremely dangerous. When your roof has dried, you can safely fix any leak you find.

Never hesitate to replace your roof's shingles. It may seem like a great idea to wait a while to fix a problem, but damage will worsen as time passes. Replacing or repairing shingles immediately can save money and stress later. A properly maintained roof will last you years upon years.

Though shingles could be the cause of leaks, take a look at your roof's foundation. Dry rot on the side of your home can allow water to enter your home. Check every possible entry point, including rotten wood, to ensure you solve the problem once and for all.

You need to consider the climate when choosing a roof type. If your climate is dry, clay roofs are an excellent option because of their ability to cool a house. But, in rainy areas, clay tiles can get worn down pretty quickly. Always ask an expert's opinion on the best types of roofs for your home.

When a leak is getting fixed, you have to be sure that the job is done correctly the first time. That means you don't stop with the first spot you find which has a problem. Look at the whole roof and you might see that several areas are causing the leak.

If you're going to have to get onto the roof to do some repairs, put on rubber boots. Even on sunny and dry days, rubber boots are still a necessity so that you have a good grip. Repairing anything on your roof usually means you will be putting yourself in awkward positions where you can easily lose your footing, so play it safe.

All homeowners understand how important a solid roof is. Having said that, knowledge on how to achieve a great roof can be difficult. Fortunately, this article has given you all of the knowledge you need to become more familiar with this important topic.