9 months ago

What do the Buddhists think about Buddhism and naturism?

Buddhism and Naturism:
"Who told you that you were naked?" This question continues to be written and rewritten for thousands of years in every Christian and Hebrew / Jewish Bible throughout time. In the book of Genesis, God asked Adam and read more...

9 months ago

Unclothed Swimming and Naked Hiking on a Hot Summer NJ Day

Guest website by: Christopher Walter
Smurfs and Snappers and But this still leaves many questions unanswered. The biggest one of those questions being why. That is wher read more...

10 months ago

Can there be actually A Naked Heaven?

Naked Heaven:
Naturism may function as the earthy example to your heavenly future; in fact, I believe that it's forthcoming. Consider the truth that God didn't give Adam and Eve clothing until after He placed thorns and thistles in the ground. read more...

12 months ago

Naturist business owners expecting to attract a younger demographic need to recognize the economic reality facing today's young people is far more pre

Student and young adult discounts - specials like "$25 for the weekend with a 1980 or newer ID" - are a prerequisite for bringing this demographic. They just can't afford it otherwise, and will reject the entire lifestyle and culture as "for old r read more...

12 months ago

Rock Lodge - New Jersey Naturist Club

That is the 2nd Patron Guest Blog in the lovely Rock Lodge Club who hosted our first club assembly this past summer! And they are now sponsoring Unclothed Year's Eve together with giving day passes to the raffle. As a side, we're elated to work wi read more...

12 months ago

Streaking Was My First Encounter With Societal Nudity

(Guest Naturist Blog By Anon)
My High School Streaking Narrative
Streaking in High School - I have never been very much of a daredevil. But there's always been something so seductively enticing about the experience of streaking down the st read more...