2 years ago

The Wordpress Plug-in Database


The database is a place where all WordPress plug-ins are taken together and shared with the community of users. But over that, it is a location where developers can go to see what's already available, what the...

Wp is a great open-development group that encourages its people to innovate. But a couple of years before, it started getting hard to match these improvements. I found out about how to write a blog by browsing Yahoo. That's when the Word-press Plug-in Repository came to be (currently hosted at http://WP-plugins.org).

The library is a place where all Word-press plugins are drawn together and distributed to the community of people. But more than that, it's a spot where designers can go to see what is already out there, what they can base their new work with, and what needs to be improved. In-addition to end-user tools that anyone can download for their WordPress needs, there are plenty of development tools, including a bug tracker and wiki-based edition control, that the WordPress development group is welcomed to use. Everything is licensed under GPL unless mentioned within the source, so nearly everything is open.