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Low Latency Tcp Offload in Fpga - Avail Exceptional Network Functionality with World Quickest Toe Technology

The data centers, financial institutions, the worldwide business managements suffer monetary loss each year because of the poor data transport speed as well as below average Network acceleration functionality. Firms frequently face technology glit read more...

3 months ago

Find Ethernet Gigabit Server Adapters!

Find Ethernet Gigabit Server Adapters!

The TCP Offload Engine (TOE for short) is a technology or a function used in Network Interface Cards (NIC) to reduce the processing burden of the complete TCP / IP stack for the network controller. It is mainly used with high-spee read more...

8 months ago

Reliable and Secure IT Solutions & Data Network Services

Reliable and Secure IT Solutions & Data Network Services

The question is the optimization of customer service. To maximize efficiency and grow, you need a network that easily supports your expansion plans, can support peaks in broadband usage and can meet the demands of international connectivity. If yo read more...

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Trusted Partner for Design, Development & Integration

Whether you are looking for TCP Offload in FPGA, UDP Offload in FPGA or TCP & UDP Hardware Acceleration, look no further than Intilop, We are here to provide you silicon IP & system solutions. Welcome to the most respected IP developers &a read more...

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Get Excellent Networking Solutions & Products

Welcome to the Intilop, an online networking site which can give you best IP product and engineering designing services in the Silicon Valley area. We are a leading company and have many years of experience in high-class silicon IP developer, syst read more...

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IP Application Acceleration and Web Performance Solutions

Are you in need of network accelerator or IP solutions? Intilop is world-renowned IP developers and Engineering Design Services provider. We are the communications service providers (CSPs) that boost network efficiency and deliver higher quality p read more...