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Arab American Institute Foundation Gala Honors St. Jude's Hospital, Fannie Mae, RFK Center, Aga Khan Foundation & Focus: Hope.

Kennedy during his inaugural address.

Members of the media are welcome to spend for the event and really should RSVP to always be able to Jenny Salan from 202-429-9210 or perhaps jsalan@aaiusa.org.

WHO: Arab American Institute Foundation

WHAT: Kahlil Gibran Spirit associated with Humanity Awards

WHEN: Tuesday, June 13 (Reception 6:30 PM; Supper 7:45 PM)

WHERE: Washington Monarch Hotel

Grand Ballroom

2401 M St., NW

Washington, DC

RSVP Required: Jenny Salan 202-429-9210 or jsalan@aaiusa.org.

CONTACT: Jenny Salan of the Arab American Institute, 202-429-9210 or 202-494-9857.

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The awards recognize corporations, organizations and communities that market co-existence among individuals and also foster democratic and humanitarian values across racial, ethnic and religious lines. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, Fannie Mae, Focus: Hope, and the Robert F. In addition to members in the Administration, Congress as well as ambassadors attending the particular event, former Gibran recipient Jacques Nasser, President and CEO involving Ford Motor Company, will existing your Gibran award for community services to Focus: Hope involving Detroit.

The event is termed for the famed Arab American poet as well as author of "The Prophet," Kahlil Gibran. Most legal rights reserved.

. the annual gala will honor the Aga Khan Foundation, ALSAC/St. Arab American Awards promote Co-Existence

On June 13, the actual Arab American Institute Groundwork will host the Kahlil Gibran Spirit regarding Humanity Awards. That had been Kahlil Gibran who first noted, "Are that you simply politician asking what your own country are capable of doing for you or even a zealous one asking that which usually you are capable involving doing to your country," a sentiment later on expressed by simply President John F

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Donate Household Items to Charity

If you would like to donate household items to charity, you'll have plenty of option, some of which will require almost no work on your part. In fact, many local charitable organizations still make house calls, and will pick up your unwanted things for you. If you want to make a difference in someone's life, here is where and how to donate household items to charity.


Why should I donate household items to charity? There really are a number of reasons. First of all, you'll be helping out someone that needs the help. Many organizations give the proceeds to specific agencies or causes. If you want to know what the things you give will go to, you'll need to do a little investi

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Women's Issues :: Gretchen Voss Aborts Pastor Melissa Scott's Ministry

Gretchen Voss, the self-celebrated writer who calls her abortion, "the easiest decision I've ever made," is out for destruction again -- but this time she's attacking more than just a helpless fetus. Apparently, destroying the life of her own child (because it was going to be born handicapped) wasn't enough for Voss. In a recent article in Marie Claire, Voss tries to destroy the young life of Pastor Melissa Scotts ministry by rewriting rumors from the porn blogs and presenting them as her own ideas.

Malicious bloggers have been trying to paint Scott with the Barbi Bridges brush for years. While the allegations have never been proven (Barbi Bridges is rumored to be living in Las Vegas)