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HPCSA = The Health Professions Council of South Africa

The healthcare system in South Africa can be defined according to two sectors, namely public and private. The private sector is growing, but still significantly smaller than the public sector.

The private sector caters to around 7 million-

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SnowFit: An Innovative Approach to Employee Health and Wellness


by Lurlynn Potter and MarKay Gold

SnowFit is an employee health and wellness program that combines the benefits of step counting and education on healthy lifestyle choices, with motivational and inspirational support at the read more...

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Management :: Role of Health and Safety Officer in Transport of Dangerous Goods

Companies or organisations in the transport business are supposed to appoint practised Dangerous Safety Goods Advisors (DGSA). This is applicable to carriers, fillers, un/loaders and packers in the road, rail, air and inland waterways sectors. The read more...

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Work wellness programs put employee privacy at risk

Last fall the city of Houston required employees to tell an online wellness company about their disease history, drug and seat belt use, blood pressure and other delicate information.

The company, hired to improve worker health and lower me read more...

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Employee Wellness

Employee wellness - what is employee wellness?Having a Employee Wellness program in place can boost morale, improve health and read more...

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My Ear Health and Safety Experience In South Africa Compared to The UK

This article is based upon my experience in South Africa compared to the UK. I know the read more...