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2 years ago

Effects of stress on health

Effects of stress on health



For many people, stress is simply a part of everyday life, whether it arises from a difficult work situation, or family issues. The term stress does not refer to an illness of any kind, so much as a process or reactive experience. When people declare they are suffering from stress they are usually referring to the pressures they are feeling in their lives. In that sense, stress signifies a discrepancy between the demands placed on us by ourselves or others, and our feelings of being able to cope or meet expectations.


Effects of stress on health

Stress is not necessarily a negative thing in itself. A degree of stress can be motivating, exciting even, and can prevent us from becoming bored from lack of challenge. It only really becomes a problem when it accelerates beyond a person's resources to cope, and results in feelings of being overwhelmed. In this article, we will be talking predominantly about negative stress, and how it can be effectively managed.


Examples Of Negative Stress