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Buddhist Bhutan warns felling trees a threat to happiness

THIMPHU, Bhutan (Reuters) - Bhutan has warned its citizens over cutting down thousands of young trees every year to make prayer flags, a threat to the tiny kingdom's lush scenery and the government's duty to bring "Gross National Happiness."

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How Do You Know If It Is Compulsory To Cut Down Your Tree?

Although less people are doing it these days, there are a few things that you can look for in order to conclude what course of action to take with your tree.

Here is a list, put together by some of the experts at treecontractorsdirectory.co read more...

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Erratic rains threaten southern Africa food output

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Rainfall patterns in southern Africa are becoming erratic as climate change takes its toll, threatening long-term production of staple and cash crops in the region.

Countries like South Africa, Zambia and Malawi ha

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S.Africa unemployment nears 26% | Fox News

PRETORIA, Gauteng (AFP) - Almost 26 percent of the South African workforce is now out of work, according to official data released Tuesday, which showed a worsening of the country's already dire labour problems.

The unemployment rate in the

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U.S. House panel seeks plans for future of TARP11:54 PM EDT

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il gaunt on anniversary11:53 PM EDT

US House panel seeks plans for future of TARP11:51 PM EDT

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Nelson Mandela: Man of many handshakes

South African President Nelson Mandela shakes hands in 1998 with Tom Cohen, who was leaving South Africa after eight years as an Associated Press correspondent covering the nation's transition from apartheid to a multiracial democracy.

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Genealogy & Family Tree Services by Kelly Liyakasa

For many of us, comprehending our family's rich and diverse history may not be the easiest task at hand. Many extended families are marked by numerous divorces and separations, the conjoining of several lineages and even adoption. While figuring o read more...