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December romance made her mom crazy

With their 20th wedding anniversary coming up next year, Celine Dion and Ren Anglil relationship has stood the test of time. The singer admits, though, that their 26year age difference was a big obstacle to overcome particularly for her mother!

Celine met Ren in 1980, when he was 38 and she was only 12. Though he started out as her manager, their relationship eventually turned personal.

"So maybe at 17, 18 years old, my feelings started to change for him. I kind of saw him differently. Make a long story short, [my mom] saw it coming too because she's a mom mom knows best, Celine, now 45, tells Access Hollywood. [when I was] 19 years old, [I told her] that I have some really strong feelings for Rene and he's been married twice and he had three children. And she tried everything to kill him and to make me snap out of it! won in the end, Celine says that her mom did everything she could to make her change her mind.

tried to make understand that this kid tried twice before, he has three children, he's not responsible. He knows how it works in show business. But you're my daughter, you're my baby, and I want the perfect prince charming for you, she reveals. "It's because the moms fight all the way, like, 'This is wrong, this is not your age, this is not what I [hoped for you] you sure? I'm afraid you're going to make a mistake.'"

So now that she a momofthree herself, would Celine be more openminded than her own mother was if one of her boys came to her with plans to marry someone much older? Probably not.

"If I reversed roles when I had my first son, RC, if I think of him and he comes [to me] with this lady who has kids and she's 45 and she think she knows best, [I'd be] like, 'Take your hand off of my son,'" she admits. "I don't think I'll be able to do it. So, [my mother] is a saint. God bless her heart."

I have to agree. I will try my best to let my girls follow their hearts and trust their own instincts, but if at 17 years old one of them revealed she was involved with a 43yearold dadofthree I pretty sure I would lose my mind.

I think that once everyone is in their mid20s, age really isn that great of an issue. For example, there is a huge difference between being 16 and 26, but between 26 and 36? That depends on the people, more so than their ages. My husband is 8 years older than I am, but we met when I was 38 and he was 46. We only notice our age difference when we discuss popculture. He watched The Brady Bunch in primetime. I only seen it in syndication.

I do, however, understand that age can make a big difference again once the couple is older. For example, I know someone who was 40 when she married her 55yearold husband. Twenty years later, she a very young 60 and he old at 75. She still wants to travel, and he never wants to be too far away from his doctor because he has a lot of agerelated health issues. She taking care of him and her parents who are in their 80s. That a lot for just one person! Fortunately, they are both mature enough to make it work despite this very new obstacle in their old relationship.

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zero celine handbags in the xaxis

Intro: Custom Luggage Badge I love CNC for creating custom items for friends and family. There are many options for CAD and this project could be created with any of them. I am using 2"x1/4" aluminum flat bar that I cut to 2" long. The tapped holes in the back make things easy for anodizing or your could buff it to a mirror fini.

Once you have the model done, you have to make the toolpaths and create the Gcode program to run on your CNC machine. This is a complex shape that it would be impossible to write the Gcode by hand. The program that does this is called a CAM program. Just like CAD there are a lot of CAM programs to choose from. I am using SprutCAM for my CAM. Again, this could be done with a less expensive 2D CAM program as well.

The first steps are setting up your material size and selecting your zero point. I am using a 2" x 2" x 1/4" piece of aluminum and selected the back left corner at the top of the part as my zero for my top side program. I select this zero point because it is the location of the fixed jaw on my vise and easy to zero celine handbags in the xaxis and yaxis before I put in my material.

Next, you select the different tools and operations you want to do to create your part. For this part there are 3 different tools and operations. I face the part taking off 0.010" with a fly cutter. Next I cut out the outside shape with my 1/4" endmill leaving enough stock on the bottom of the material to clamp on to (I left 0.050"). The last operation is making the chamfer around the parts top edge.

You will have to pick the feeds, speeds, and depth of cut that is appropriate for your CNC mill. I had the luxury of making this on a Tormach with a 10,000 rpm spindle and over 100 inches per minute feed rate. If you struggle with this as I used to (I have no machinist training), use a feeds and speeds calculator. There are several out there and they provide a good starting point for your programs. I use Gwizard.