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How to create Organizational Culture that Fosters Faster Business Growth?

Most companies are also required to make it easier to increase your total collaborations. This requires you to incorporate maximum number of users within a unified platform.


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CRM Tool For Real Estate - Kapture CRM

It is not unknown that real estate agents are always on their toes and that time is of paramount importance for them.  It is extremely crucial for them to be able to keep track of the leads from all sources and then convert them into sales. I read more...

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Seven Reasons why Sales Teams Resist and Refuse Sales CRM implementation

Most businesses are not too enthusiastic about automating their sales activities.

Even the most innovative organizations continue t

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CRM Platform can bring down your Customer Acquisition Cost by 40%

 CRM Platform can bring down your Customer Acquisition Cost by 40%

Having to determine and decide on the cost of customer acquisition is a constant dilemma for most enterprises.

Should I go for an all-the-chips-in Adsense campaigns or can I carefully build-on content marketing to realize long-term retur read more...

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Five Lead Automation Features that takes you close to Sales Automation?

Every organization carries a dream of not-worrying about meeting target-sales numbers without last minute scrambles. The concept of sales automation ingrains this dream. Although an imprac read more...

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How Marketing Automation lets you reach and engage right audience niche?

Today, the marketing world is home to an incredible amount of random noise.

You may be the quickest to analyze a situation and come-up with a marketing message. But ultimately, your success depends on your ability to reach out and get ca read more...

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Real Estate CRM - Lead Mangement Software - Kapture CRM

Why your Real Estate Portal Lead management is outdated?

 Kapture Real Estate Portal Lead Management