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Should Small Accounting Firms Offer Eldercare Services?

Many small accounting firms are looking for new business. They feel

they need to expand their practices and are looking for alternative

services for their clients.

A number of articles in accounting literature suggest that fir read more...

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South Africa's 2017 maize crop seen almost doubling to record harvest | Investing Home

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South African farmers are expected to reap a record 14.73 tonnes of maize this season with current harvests indicating robust yields because of good rains, a Reuters poll of five traders and market analysts showed on Tuesd read more...

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Transaction Capital Ltd (TCPJ.J) People



Mr. Christopher (Chris) Stefan Seabrooke is Non-Executive Independent Chairman of the Board of Transaction Capital Ltd. Chris is a financier and investor who has been a director of more than 25 listed companies. He i read more...

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Real News Articles about TVI Express: tviexpress.com reps arrested in South Africa, China, India, Indonesia

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2010 UK TVI Express Cheats Elderly

2010-10-15 14:32:27

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Comrade Capitalist - CBS News

There was a time, not all that long ago, when it was unthinkable that South Africa would have a black president.

It was unthinkable also that out of one of those black townships that existed under apartheid would come a business mogul wor read more...

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EU Averts Split with Deal to Bailout Spanish and Italian Banks; Barclays Boss Bob Diamond Under Fire Over Bad Behavior; Stock Market Surge After EU Summit Deal

Aired June 29

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South Africa car industry pledges to boost black-owned firms

JOHANNESBURG, June 28 South Africa's vehicle

manufacturers aim to increase the share of industry production

by black-owned companies to 60 percent by 2035, from 38 percent

now, an industry body said on Wednesday.

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