2 years ago

The Leaders

The Leaders

There are two types of people in college: those who lead and those who follow. There are those who keep asking questions like, “who will write my essay for me?” and those who visit the web sites to copy what was done by others. The ones who lead positively are the ones who get the awards and are deemed to be successful. To lead you must accept that you won’t have to be dependent on anyone but you. You must set a platform that nobody else has built, and this is what being a leader really entails.

There is always a downside to consistently following other people; you might never be what you want to be, you just might end up being what others want you to be. That having been said it therefore it is vivid that it is far better to lead than to be led. The leaders surely do get all the best stuff, don’t they?

To be a leader you have to choose the personality that you would like to adopt, act it out then adopt it as you. Build a character of sound reputation. Let your words, manner, attitude, mode of dressing, posture and your actions ooze charisma and be something that other students can pick up and emulate. Do not worry about gathering a following, if other students can positively relate with you they will like your style and unknowingly adopt you as their leader. You don’t even have to play hero just play leader.