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Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop Named National PING Fitter of the Year.

PHOENIX, May 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Club Fitting pioneer and leaderPING announced today Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop of Sacramento,California has been honored as the 2004 PING National Club Fitter of theYear. The company also announced 61 Regional PING Club Fitters of theyear.

(Photo: http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/20050519/LATH097)

The award, first given in 1997, recognizes authorized PING Club Fitters who've demonstrated an ongoing commitment to custom fitting and the promotion of its benefits to golfers of all abilities. Haggin Oaks has been custom fitting PING(R) equipment since the early 1970's.

"Haggin Oaks has earned industry-wi

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Last minute charitable donations are a good 2014 tax strategy

In an early morning broadcast on Wednesday, news anchor Gary Shapiro of Denvers 9 News recommended making a charitable donation as a way of maximizing deductions to prepare for tax time. Dec. 31 is not too late.

The Colorado Gives website can be a tool in making a donation up to the last minute, according to the broadcast.

Colorado Gives also links to vetted nonprofits that aid other nonprofits. Eleven of the nonprofits link to area United Way divisions, including Mile High United Way. The Colorado Nonprofit Association serves as a hub for the states nonprofits. Community Shares of Colorado has raised $24 million for nonprofits that dont fit the mold of existing workplace giving federations, according to the Colorado Gives background statement.

It is also a sound way to research individual nonprofits. For anyone who has an organizations name, the website offers a means to research the organization and donate to it in a secure online site. Colorado Gives contains the names of nearly 1,700 vetted organizations listed through the Colorado Secretary of State.

Those with a passion but no specific organization can use a drop-down list of 25 categories. These include: animal related; arts, culture and humanities; civil rights, social action and advocacy; community improvement and capacity-building; crime and legal-related; diseases, disorders and medical disciplines; education; employment; environment; food, agriculture and nutrition; healthcare; housing and shelter; human services; and international, foreign affairs and national security.

Other categories are: medical research; mental health and crisis intervention; mutual and membership benefit; philanthropy, volunteerism and grant making foundations; public and societal benefit; public safety, disaster preparedness and relief; recreation and sports; religion-related; science and technology; social science; and youth development.

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The Top 7 Richest Rappers Who Give Their Money to Charity

The significant focus of this charity is on underpriviledged, low-income, and underserved areas in the United States. If you want even more info on the richest rappers in the U.S.A, make certain to have a look at my write-up entitled "Who are the Richest Rappers in the U.S.A?" Leave a remark listed below if you located this article to be a wonderful resource of info on rap artists who provide to charity as well!

. While he only makes around $5 million dollars a year, he is quite energetic in offering a whole lot of his cash away to others in need. While some of them could not offer much whatsoever to charity, others (like the one's on this checklist) are popular for offering their ca

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Bethlehem bowler spent a lifetime helping others

In life there are givers and there are takers.

Gary Piripavel certainly fit the mold of a giver. He'd willingly share his knowledge of bowling, lend an ear when a competitor wasn't bowling very well or just be a smiling beacon of joy. And in return, he never asked what was in it for him.

It's those characteristics that make the 64-year-old's death on Tuesday all the more difficult for the friends he leaves behind.

''He was an excellent friend,'' said Bethlehem Hall of Fame member Ed Pursel Jr. ''It was my pleasure to know him. He believed in himself and he would work with anybody to make the sport better.''

Piripavel was inducted into the Bethlehem Bowling Association's Hall of Fame in 1999. By then his list of individual accomplishments had been highlighted by winning the 1990 Lehigh Valley Masters tournament and a perfect game and an 803 at a PBA event in Syracuse. He would savor another Masters title in 2012 when he won the Senior Masters.

Record-setting bowler posts huge numbers at Oakwood

One of his crowning achievements was his perfect game shot at USA CIO back in 2004, just before the closing of the 8-lane center.

''I'm so thrilled to get one at CIO,'' he said in an interview afterward. ''It's my first award score in Bethlehem and ranks up there with the one I had in Syracuse.''

Fellow Hall of Famer Ron Kaintz holds a ton of respect for Piripavel. It was Kaintz who allowed Piripavel to set up conditions at CIO in hopes of holding on to what he perceived as a loss of integrity in the sport.

''He was very honest with the bowlers,'' Kaintz said. ''He was as close to perfect as a guy could be. I can't say enough good things about Gary. He loved this game and he was so well respected.''

Scott Shiner was not only a teammate of Piripavel. He was also a friend. Shiner said he'd stop at the Drilling Station Pro Shop every Saturday and shoot the breeze about bowling, politics or even critiquing a show on TV.

''He will be missed not only in bowling, but he was a friend," Shiner said. "There's so many goods times I shared with Gary and I say you should live every day because you never know."

Shiner and Piripavel bowled together Fridays at Blue Valley. The week before Christmas, Piripavel showed up late and missed the first game. Shiner found out Piripavel's father, Basil, had passed away that day.

''He showed up and bowled the last three games as if nothing was wrong. He just kept it all inside and never said anything," Shiner said. "He never wanted it to be about him.''

Those sentiments were conveyed by Pursel, who said Piripavel was ''basically a private person.''

Piripavel's passing will leave a void in the area bowling scene and in the hearts of the people who knew him.

The memories that today make us sad will one day make us smile, because Gary would never knowingly want us to mourn for him. But we do.

Dave Goodman is a freelance writer who covers bowling. Find lehighvalleylive on Facebook.

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Donation Wigs For Chemo Patients Bring Optimism, Gratitude

By: Jason Ramsey

A few weeks ago, I received a note from one of our wholesale customers, Jeri Millard, and wanted share part of it with our readers. We all enjoy our work but sometimes don't realize the effect it has on others, and this was an excellent reminder for me.

Jeri Millard runs a shop in Jacksonville, FL called In the Pink that provides support for cancer patients, including specialty wigs for chemo patients when treatment side effects take their hair. Jeri recently supplied a wig to 12-year-old Kessia, who lives in Costa Rica and is currently battling cancer. Kessia had beautiful, waist long hair, and after her first chemo session, lost it all. Predictably, she fel