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16 hours ago

City officials 'disturbed' by gun incident with off-duty cop

Police Chief Raul Quezada said no one has been formally charged in the incident, which took place Tuesday afternoon as some teens walked home from school and has sparked protests.

Quezada and Mayor Tom Tait both said Thursday they were thankful no one was wounded when the officer fired a handgun into the ground.

"As a father and as a police chief, I too am disturbed by what I saw on the videos that were posted on the Internet," Quezada told reporters. He said he hopes a criminal investigation into the matter, which involved several teens and an off-duty Los Angeles police officer who lives in Anaheim, will be completed within two weeks.

The dispute occurred outside the

1 week ago

Polygamous families protest bigamy law at Utah Capitol


2 weeks ago

definition of legal by The Free Dictionary

During one of her play hours she wrote out the important document as well as she could, with some help from Esther as to certain legal terms, and when the good-natured Frenchwoman had signed her name, Amy felt relieved and laid it by to show Laurie, whom she wanted as a second witness.He is legal counsel for one of the great Western railways, and is sometimes away from his New York office for weeks together.There was some legal trouble, I believe, something about the heirs and coheirs; anyhow, the place has been empty for years.Of their legal tenure there could be no question; but old Matthew Maule, it is to be feared, trode downward from his own age to a far later one, planting a heavy footstep, all the way, on the conscience of a Pyncheon.It could have betokened nothing short of the anticipated execution of some rioted culprit, on whom the sentence of a legal tribunal had but confirmed the verdict of public sentiment.Having impulsively, it is probable, and perhaps somewhat prematurely revealed the prime but private purpose of the Pequod's voyage, Ahab was now entirely conscious that, in so doing, he had indirectly laid himself open to the unanswerable charge of usurpation; and with perfect impunity, both moral and legal, his crew if so disposed, and to that end competent, could refuse all further obedience to him, and even violently wrest from him the command.Thank you, sir," said Jerry, "but I have only taken out a six-days' license,* and therefore I could not take a fare on a Sunday; it would not be legal.It was hard to tell, with all this strange legal jargon, words he had never heard before; but was not this plain--"the party of the first part hereby covenants and agrees to rent to the said party of the second partAfter the birth of little Harry, however, she had gradually become tranquillized and settled; and every bleeding tie and throbbing nerve, once more entwined with that little life, seemed to become sound and healthful, and Eliza was a happy woman up to the time that her husband was rudely torn from his kind employer, and brought under the iron sway of his legal owner.With Scotch patience and pluck he resolved to live down his reputation and work his way into the legal field yet.DOUGLASS states that in neither of these instances was any thing done by way of legal arrest or judicial investigation.As to the circumstances of her birth, though in a legal sense she may be called Nobody, it will not hold in common sense.

2 weeks ago

ATF: All of Oregon Shooter's Firearms Were Purchased Legally

The ATF announced that they have recovered 13 firearms belonging to the Oregon college campus shooter and all were purchased legally.

2 weeks ago

Judge Handcuffs Defense Attorney In Court To Teach Her 'A Lesson' For Speaking Out

A Las Vegas judge this week ordered a deputy public defender to be placed in handcuffs and seated next to inmates in court, saying he wanted to teach her "a lesson" about courtroom etiquette. But legal experts say it's the judge who may actually need a lesson in decorum.

On Monday, an irritated Justice of the Peace Conrad Hafen told Clark County Deputy Public Defender Zohra Bakhtary to "be quiet" as she tried to defend her client and keep him from serving a six-month jail sentence for violating probation, the Las Vegas Review-Journal first reported. As Bakhtary

3 weeks ago

Morganti Legal: Shareholder Investigation of BT Group plc

TORONTO--()--Morganti Legal, a firm focused on representing shareholders with

investments in international companies, has commenced an investigation

into potential violations of securities laws by

1 month ago

Rating and Ranking in Performance Appraisals

If you've worked under the annual ritual of ratings and rankings, you know how tough it is, both from the managerial side and the employee side. It is very hard to hear that you are rated average and low in the rankings, and it's equally tough to take part in setting the ranking in your organization. And it also doesn't help you all that much to find out you were rated "exceeds expectations." What does it all really mean?

This method of appraisal has received a fair amount of press lately. The Wall Street Journal had an above-the-fold article on page B1 on Mic