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By Hannah Kelly, Business Wire Paris

The changing face of the news coverage and visibility scene

Its the hottest debate in 2014: SEO for discovery or social sharing for impact?

2 years ago

Why Local SEO Is About to Become Even More Important

Local search engine optimization isnt just about local mom-and-pop shops anymore. Practically any business can take advantage of local SEOs benefits. Since Googles fan-named Pigeon update in 2014, the importance of local SEO has grown, leading ma read more...

2 years ago

Four SEO Strategies Every Digital Marketer Needs to Understand

When it comes to SEO, there are several different types and the strategy is a little different for each one. To help clarify the differences, I will break them down and include tips on how to leverage each one as part of a digital marketing strate read more...

2 years ago

Why Modern SEO Requires Almost No Technical Expertise

The Internet is complicated. If you think about the innumerable calculations that go into every Google search just to bring you the perfect information for your request, it can almost be overwhelming. Trying to appeal to every line of code in Goog read more...

2 years ago

The State of Internet Marketing

The internet has paved the way for so many different new opportunities in collaborating ideas locally and internationally within businesses and organizations throughout the world.

This has given small business owners a great marketing vehi read more...