3 months ago

Texas plumber's truck on front line of Syria war

LONDON -- A pickup truck once owned by a plumbing company in Texas has somehow found its way to the front lines of Syria's civil war and been converted into an anti-aircraft weapon for Islamic militants.

A photo posted to Twitter on Monday

3 months ago

Knife Throwing: How You Can Toss The Straight Throw

Choosing the variety or types of tomatoes to cultivate inside your garden is important. Prepping for your arrival of your child should not end up towards the very last minute or even just a few days before labor and delivery. However, winter doesn read more...

3 months ago

Remodeling your home? Check costs first

Remodeling your home? Check costs first - Feb. 8, 2013 by Les Christie @CNNMoney February 8, 2013: 12:12 PM ET

But now homeowners can compare costs of similar remodeling jobs based on the size and type of the room, w read more...

5 months ago

The Reasons Why Online Real-estate Is Gaining Popularity

It is the 2nd largest town of UAE in regards to population. Nobody has extra time for even the fundamental things in life. While there are several renters who view renting a condo or a house as a failure, you can find others who start to see the b read more...

5 months ago

Reasons To Rent A Temporary Apartment In New York

Some of the benefits of renting include the ability to save money while renting for the purpose of purchasing a home, few maintenance requirements and the inclusion of amenities which the renter wouldn't likely be capable of afford if they were to read more...