2 weeks ago

Plumbers by Day, Ghost Hunters by Night

Let's get one thing straight from the beginning. Do not compare Grant Wilson or Jason Hawes to "Ghost Busters"...they hate that.

For the stars of "Ghost Hunters," a hit show on the Sci-Fi channel, names can be deceiving.

"We aren't w

2 weeks ago

Black Life Coaches Network Awards Dr. D Ivan Young 2017 Life Coach of the Year


Life Coaches Network (BLCN), one of the most respected life-coaching

bodies for urban America, Canada, The United Kingdom, Caribbean and

Africa, has named Houston-based Dr.

D

2 weeks ago

Texas plumber's truck on front line of Syria war

LONDON -- A pickup truck once owned by a plumbing company in Texas has somehow found its way to the front lines of Syria's civil war and been converted into an anti-aircraft weapon for Islamic militants.

A photo posted to Twitter on Monday

3 months ago

Thinking About Renting An Apartment? Just Some Options

To access the contact info of the landlords, owners, and property managers, rental registration is needed. They are an ideal choice for that DIY'er which will save on installation costs. Nobody has spare time for even the fundamental things in lif read more...

3 months ago

Holiday Apartments In Spain Long Stay Rental In Torrevieja - Try Prior To Deciding To Buy?

In addition, make sure to locate out when the complex is managed, in the event the landlord lives on the premises, and who should be called when repairs need to become done. - Provides every one of the crucial facts about Apartment Investment and read more...