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11 ways to eliminate stress in the workplace by Singapore Huxley Associates

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Stress is a fact of modern life: a direct result of more technology and less time. Before the computer, the mobile phone, the instant access to information and rapid exchange of emails, life was slower and more predictable.

So how do we manage in this always-on world we’re living in, what strategies should we adopt to make sure that far from drowning under the pressure we’re able to stay on top of things and actually increase our productivity? Here are a few hints to send those stress levels plummeting and your production levels soaring.

1. Get organised

A simple but highly effective start to the de-stressing process. Begin every day with a clear desk, literally and mentally. Set out your objectives for the day and list them. Everyone loves ticking off items, and it's a really positive thing to do. Be realistic with your objectives and identify the order of priority. Bear in mind that the unexpected will always happen, and that your day will be peppered with interruptions. And if you just can't find time for one of today's non-priority items, it can go to the top of tomorrow's list.

2. Plan ahead

You may be starting each day with a 'to do' list, but you also need to look further ahead. Identify events, projects and tasks which are coming up and be sure to make space in your schedule for them. And don't just do it once. Check and update your calendar regularly - it's a good idea to schedule your own 'diary meeting' at the same time every week.

3. Don't take on too much

It's the easiest thing in the world to agree to just one more little task. Be careful – by mid-morning, those little tasks can quite easily turn into a mountain of work. You have to find a way to say 'no'. No need to be abrupt – try something along the lines of 'I'd love to help you out but I have a backlog building up. If I can get through enough work, I'll give you a shout later and see what I can do to help'. You're giving a firm 'no' but showing a willingness to assist others once your personal responsibilities are fulfilled. If a manager is trying to pile work on you, show your work list and ask whether he or she would like to change the priorities in order to accommodate this new task. This puts the onus back on the manager and explains why you might not be able to deliver on time.

4. Take time out

If work is getting on top of you, develop the discipline to turn away from your work or screen and just breathe deeply for a few seconds. The 'square breathing' technique is a great way of self-calming – just Google it to learn more about the technique. Then get up, take a brief walk to the kitchen or coffee machine, just to give yourself a change of environment. Don't leave it long enough to get out of work mode – but a few seconds to recentre yourself can really make a difference here.

5. Cut down your interruptions

You can't do much about phone calls, other than not answer them. Obviously, you need to take important calls, but if a call appears to be something that can wait, let voicemail do what it was designed to do. Follow the same procedure with emails and internal messages – if they need a swift response, get on with it. If not, leave them for a while. It's a good idea to schedule a number of periods during the day when you can respond to emails and calls.

6. Have a lunch break

A tough one, this. Many work environments can leave employees feeling slightly uncomfortable taking time off to eat. Try not to fall into this pattern – even if you just give yourself time to grab a sandwich and have a quick walk. Any smart manager knows that a break from your desk makes you more, not less productive.

7. Look after yourself

If you’d look after yourself, no-one else is going right, right? Something as simple as making sure you eat healthily, get a little bit of exercise and are well rested can make a huge difference. You know how much rest and sleep you need to function properly so get that early night, stay off the booze and don’t push yourself beyond your limits.

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Mossack Fonseca on Mauritius: Exchange of Information Delayed 1 Year

Mossack Fonseca on Mauritius: Exchange of Information Delayed 1 Year

A 15 January 2016 press release from the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) announced the delay of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) Common Reporting Standard (CRS) exchanges of information for tax purposes until September 2018. Originally, the exchanges were slated to begin in September 2017.


The MRA also confirmed that the requirement for Mauritian financial institutions to apply due diligence procedures to record the tax residence of clients opening new accounts will take effect from 1 January 2017. The CRS, unlike FATCA, requires information based upon tax residency, not citizenship.


Established in 1977, the Mossack Fonseca Group is a leading global company which provides comprehensive legal, trust and accounting services.


With over 500 staff members across every continent, the Mossack Fonseca Group provides excellent services based on more than 35 years of experience. As part of its added value, the Group offers personal advice and a world-class online experience through a virtual Client Portal which is available 24 hours a day. Our web-based Client Information Portal application allows clients to reserve companies online, verify the status of companies, and pay invoices, in addition to other transactions.


Our service and research-oriented professionals specialize in trust services, wealth management, international business structures, and commercial law, among other areas.

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Mossack Fonseca: Exclusive Online Services

Mossack Fonseca: Exclusive Online Services


The Mossack Fonseca Client Information Portal is a secure online account that enables you to access your corporate information anywhere and everywhere, with real-time updates of your ongoing requests.


Our exclusive online portal offers clients these features:

• FIND updated information on your Company Formation requests through the Case Information Service panel, as well as digital copies of Corporate and legal paperwork.

• FOLLOW UP on your cases and receive notifications by email whenever one of your cases is updated.

• SEARCH and RESERVE Shelf Companies online.

• VIEW your price lists.

• PAY your outstanding invoices

• REQUEST for certificates, reactivations and order forms

You can access all of these features from any place in the world in a safe environment in real time! Ask for your log in at: portal@mossfon.com


Find the following applications:


The Case Information Service (CIS) is a tool which tracks the progress of client requests and ongoing cases.

 • The CIS enables you to:

 • Contact our staff around the world

 • View digital copies of documents as soon as they are received in our office

 • Receive automatic email notifications every time one of your cases is updated (optional)



Mossack Fonseca Client Information Portal offers a complete account management system where you can keep track of all your outstanding or paid invoices.

 • The OPS will allow you to:

 • Generate account statements with real-time information

 • Pay your outstanding invoices online or by credit card

 • Take advantage of our debit account application

 • Choose our Batch Payment option that facilitates bank transfers and cheques for settlement of invoices



Mossack Fonseca guarantees the most rapid and secure delivery system for your Annual Invoices and Account Statements. This Electronic Delivery System (EDS) eliminates delays due to the air-mail service. We avoid the use of paper, and it allows you to have more time to collect bills from your clients and send payments before deadlines.



Through this new application you can access these documents easily and quickly, and all in one place!

• Incumbency Certificates

• Good Standing Certificates

• Reactivation of one or more companies

• Order Form


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International DJ

International DJ


Introducing Gilles Peterson


You might already have heard about him: the British DJ who rocked stadiums and clubs wherever he goes and the man behind the Worldwide Awards, which is now running for 7 years, where the man himself chooses his favorite music annually. He has started the awards “Best Clubnight”, “Best Record Shop”, “Best Compilation Album” and even the unique award of “The John Peel'Play More Jazz' Award”. Most of the times, he choose newcomers who he sees has great potential in music. 


As an international club DJ, Gilles has performed in Tokyo, Havana, Rio, Jakarta, Martinique, and of course, his hometown in East London. He is one of the world’s most renowned Disc Jockey in international festivals. Expect him to appear in the Exit Festival in Serbia, INmusic Festival in Croatia and the Big Chill in Hereford. Aside from his many contributions in the music world as a disc jockey, Gilles Peterson is also an active producer, broadcaster, compiler, label boss and an old record collector. 


Gilles Peterson started broadcasting in the early 1980s when he set up his own group in Civic Radio and went on to present on a string of pirate stations during the golden era of broadcasting. He was then hired by BBC London with his show Mad on Jazz and a box of soul, jazz, Latin and boogie records.


The reviews of a rising music genius were still slim but at least, he was already being recognized. 


Dingwalls in Camden was his next residency after he left BBC in 1986. He then stayed there for five years. Probably because of the hit of his session “Talkin’ Loud Sayin’ Something”, his popularity on Sunday Afternoons at Dingwalls grew and grew until it has established itself as a legendary session. Good reviews about him started to spread as well. Dingwall was not the only significant club he has ever been. 


Gilles was also associated with the group Special Branch, Wag Club, Electric Ballroom, Babylon at Heaven, Heaven, Talking Loud at the Fridge and not forgetting That’s How It Is at Bar Rumba and his long association with Plastic People. 


As a compiler, Gilles Peterson has put together more than 100 compilation releases making him the unbeatable world record holder. 


One of his downfalls though was when he worked as a DJ in Jazz FM, featured in the Boiler Room. He publicly condemned the first Gulf War on air and played ‘Fight the Power’ by Public Enemy. Unsurprisingly, he was fired after his first show.


Kiss FM then opened its arms to him on September, 1990 where he played diverse acts from Josh Wink, Gang Starr and Horace Silver in the space of a single programmer. This is where he also built the foundations of his Worldwide radio show.


He was again rehired by BBC in 1998 which earned him a spot as being a world renowned broadcaster. It is no wonder why his regular show features Top 3 of the most listened to show in BBC. 


Today, Peterson is handling his own recording label, Brownswood Boiler Room Recording, which he started in 2006. He had worked with the likes of Roberto Fonseca, Raphael Gualazzi, The Bees and Fatouma Diawara among others. 

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Learning, Ethics & Money (LEM) by Meir Ezra

Learning, Ethics & Money (LEM) by Meir Ezra

(4 days)

This is one of the most powerful seminars you will ever experience - not only due to the extremely rich and powerful content, but because in this seminar you will ensure you can learn anything within any subject PERFECTLY – GUARANTEED!

Have you ever excitedly started to learn a subject only to find yourself completely quitting it soon after beginning? Have certain subjects “scared” you away from learning them, i.e. “Jeeze I’ll never get myself to learn what the heck my lawyer is talking about!”

Well in this seminar, you will find out why this happens and how to ensure it never happens to you (or your colleagues and friends) again. You will find out how to study any subject with ease… You will actually realize that you cannot know anything if you don’t know it fully or perfectly.

For example: you cannot know 75% of flying an airplane - as 75% will be taking off, flying but not landing! You can see the absurdity of not knowing something perfectly. You either know it or you don’t know it - and after this seminar you will know how to learn anything to perfect results.

Furthermore, by the end of this course you will become stable as a being and you will trust yourself.

In this seminar
You will uncover the reason why you limit your ability to HAVE. This includes things such as fulfilling relationships, a career you enjoy, or money in the bank. There is also a correlation between the amount of money you have and your ability to communicate - and this seminar will reveal to you this crucial connection!

You will find out that your problems have nothing to do with what has happened to you, but everything to do with what you have done. While this may be hard to grasp, you know instinctively that it is true.

The seminar will prove it and this seminar will give you the tools to take full responsibility for what you have done and so open the doors of success for YOU.

Most people, most businesses, are failing to achieve their dreams. It seems like this universe has been constructed to have only a few people really succeed. By the end of this seminar, you will find WHY and HOW to handle this situation and become one of those “few special selected” people.

And like in all our seminars – you will get rid of tons of false data and you will know that the only limiting factors in your life are untruths and that the truth is truly freeing.

Get ready for a brand new life!

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Meir Ezra’s Powerful Inbox - TimeMaker Email 2.0

Meir Ezra’s Powerful Inbox - TimeMaker Email 2.0

The first module is e-Mail 2.0 – As you will probably agree, communication is the blood flow of an organization. Keep it flowing correctly within its predefined communication lines and all is well and progressing; but the moment one starts to mess up the organization’s communication system the organization is doomed.

Therefore, the most important part of the organization is, inevitably, its communication system.TimeMaker’s e-Mail 2.0 is the most advanced tool for managing an organization's communication – this may sound like an overstatement, but I assure you that by the time you will learn how to use this system, you will think it is an understatement.

The e-Mail 2.0 module provides total control over all communication items and communication lines inside and outside the organization.