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To force! The brand new Apple Television configuration personalize the GPU to PS4

From anonymous resource learned that, on March 31, apple and AMD executives fulfilled in key, to exchange sights on the following technology of AMD GPU source difficulties. Retina is not regarded 5 k around the iMac R9 M290X, R9 M295X and 2013 inside the Mac Expert FirePro D300, D500 will update to the subsequent technologies of AMD's GPU, but apple to AMD demonstrate which cooperate with mediatek rumor is actual, and may dilemma AMD can customise a "decreased ability use, mainstream recreation console effectiveness degree" inside the GPU, "the intention is Used from the sitting down down location products".
Thinking of about the subsequent period Apple Tv set would be the first action, and increase the rumors in the distinctive application retail store, which "sitting region products" refers back to the predicted WWDC released in June by the new Apple Television. As into the "mainstream game host In general functionality stage", in the viewpoint of your PlayStation four HD7870 is intact. CPU element There is certainly not any query that don't use x86 architecture CPU, also will not be the ARM architecture, AMD but will utilize the apple fashion, the Air two A8X sequence, to comprehend nominal electric power consumption, is predicted to only use samsung's fourteen nm or sixteen nm TSMC program of action, also should AMD to a certain diploma of chopping the GPU. Approximated prototypes by Nvidia X1 effectiveness is enough.
Supporters are trying to find ahead into the iMac, Mac Professional Retina five k GPU to improve, or Apple Television set GPU to improve?
A slowdown in 36 iPhone6 transporting iOS8 set up prices
Distance iOS8 start are by now rectified just before time, so The present iOS8 setup rates realized A great deal? Data clearly display that iOS8 set up charges because final holiday getaway calendar year has began to slow. In accordance with the latest Application Retail store particulars exhibit which the distribution of presented iOS8 latest installation costs attained seventy eight%, advancement is amazingly restricted, for The explanation that there was two months again the media documented iOS8 create fees were 77% For the time being. Furthermore the former Edition iOS7 existing set up expenses at twenty%, it is identical and two months before. More mature Version With all the iOS installation expenses right now only two%.
Android, Consistent with Google android developer Website, in accordance with the specifics provided because of the android five.0 strategy in roughly a yr later build expenses only 3.3%. Android 4.four continues to be essentially the most android shoppers employing This system, reaching forty.nine%. It actually is effectively really worth noting that Google's expertise just just isn't include men and women that haven't received usage of Google Execute gadgets, including the Fireplace like amazon, smartphone, and plenty of Many others.
While The main element contribution of your respective iOS8 from iPhone6 and iPhone6 Furthermore sell like incredibly sizzling cakes, but due to growth has started to steadily pale, so iOS8 set up charges of advancement is sluggish. It can be crucial to notice that Apple Apple Have a look at to begin throughout the tenth of this 30 day period of time to easily take appointment, sale, and on April 24, folks really need to up grade to on the really minimum iOS8.two system can know the apple iphone and Apple Look at interconnection, it would Give up iOS8 installation prices a little bit ascending.

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The meizu MX4 dead millet 4 to smart home

Millet and gree "enemies" beautiful hand in hand, gree if have realized the crisis, should immediately find millet "enemy" of marriage? To seek, to find, in zhuhai meizu, turned out to be a good choice! Although for now, meizu plates has not been millet, but everybody had seen with meizu is walking on the way toward the millet.
Meizu MX4 dead millet 4 originally intended to smart home
There is no doubt that the meizu MX4 and meizu MX4 Pro on the hardware configuration are more excellent than millet 4, but as the initial mania subsided, people gradually find, or millet beautiful MIUI more powerful, more convenient to use, and this is what millet once more the confidence of the smart home market.
Millet constantly bear the blame to a dish. He want to be in while others are still found no clue was the whole complete intelligent household chain, perhaps, the filling inside may include all aspects let you unexpected food and clothing live line, and the key is, in the ecosystem, millet is the ruler!
Obviously, meizu have realized millet ambition, want to start it is not too late now.http://HDC mobile

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Idle speculation storm: the iPod shuffle to speed up the delivery time

Earlier this month, iPod shuffle the pace suddenly slow and raises suspicion for this product will be shut down, think apple this step a product to the Classic example. Recently, however, apple's official website and speed up the iPod shuffle to deliver goods, it seems that this product is not yet out of our field of vision.
Idle speculation storm: the iPod shuffle to speed up the delivery time
IPod shuffle out of stock why suspicion can cause people to shut down? Very simple, because of the rise of smart phones such as iPhone, function relatively single iPod shuffle music player is no longer at the top of the consumer choice. Plus a quietly shut down after the iPod classic precedents, reminiscent of the production is also very reasonable.
Idle speculation storm: the iPod shuffle to speed up the delivery time
But apple's iPod shuffle estimated shipping time is from 7 to 10 days to speed up to 5-7 working days. It seems to also confirmed the previously reported, supply tension is temporary, because apple replacement iPod shuffle parts suppliers, so lead to production only interrupted.
So whether we can claim that the iPod shuffle discontinued? Although we think iPod shuffle a temporary shutdown, but considering the product for internal institutions haven't updated, could have iPod shuffle really say goodbye that day.


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The Pro "jump ticket" or being released in March next year

Sales of apple's tablet device has four quarters in a row, on apple's earnings performance also can use the poor to describe. Market statistics institutions IDC believes that in apple before the product line "radical change", the market still will continue to present a weakening trend.
So, what is "disruptive change"? The Pro is most of the current view, but according to south Korean media reports, the original issued by the "set" this year the Pro is likely to be delayed until next year. According to the news of the exposure of apple's supply chain, the Pro will be delayed until next year, but the release time is not in October, but the spring conference in March.
Apple to restart the spring conference this year, and in the meeting issued a new design of Retina MacBook, also announced Apple Watch on sale for more information.
While the sales continue to decline, but cook in earnings conference call once again expressed his confidence in the device, he said, and simplicity, compared to the sales data of other "basic data" let us see the side, conducive to the development of the he predicted that the future will continue to grow.
In fact, since it first tablet on the market in 2010 up to now, the apple has been the fastest selling products. "The first year of shipments to break through 10 million, three years after the shipments to 100 million, five years is 250 million units.



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Information related to the mobile phone Huawei

The camera

The press conference, Yu Chengdong focuses on the Huawei P8 shooting functions. It uses a 8000000 pixel front camera and 13000000 pixels rear camera, RGBW camera is introduced and the independent ISP imaging technology to improve the low light conditions, the picture quality, and is equipped with dual color LED flashes.

Optical shutter mode provides a camera long exposure function, can realize the light painting photography and film star track. The director mode can be most linkage 3 Android mobile phone to shoot, but also can switch seats, can claim the video directly on the mobile phone. For women the user's preferences, Huawei P8 joined the facial features, support for customization.

P8 Max Huawei

In addition to Huawei outside P8, the Huawei also released P8 Max, equipped with 6.8 inches screen, body thickness of 6.8 mm, support cross screen with split screen display mode, the battery capacity is increased to 4360mAh, the official claimed that the life time can reach 2.23 days. At the same time, the official also for the P8 Max offers a variety of optional protective sleeve.

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blackberry to re-enter the Chinese relevant analysis operate has bee

If you open the BlackBerry's web site now includes a 'sense of
nostalgia, mainly because some of the versions launched web page still stays inside the
BlackBerry continues to be eliminated for a long period Blackberry OS7
introduction. But the latest news exhibits, the BlackBerry's return to
China is really a bit by bit, the applicable study is also completed.


BlackBerry to re-enter China


As early as the top of previous yr, the BlackBerry CEO Cheng Shouzong
at the time during the website explained that BlackBerry is at present getting ready to enter
the Chinese current market, he said: "as for the Chinese current market, To make sure, we
are acquiring an extensive strategy, which desires to contemplate lots of
elements, which includes time and lengthy-time period technique. Security issues and
other elements, it can not be way too hasty. Moreover, the approach does not
involve mergers and acquisitions. "


At present, Even though the BlackBerry out with the Chinese current market, but in
the Hongkong region of China has continued to update the related types
of Blackberry10 technique of the newest launch. Within the domestic market,
unique official BlackBerry in fact been with a few perfectly-recognised
domestic parallel BlackBerry gross sales maintained a very good romance, and
continue on the microblogging as well as BlackBerry lovers saved conversation,
assistance address several of the problems in using. In the individual Porsche
cars and trucks during the shop, may also launch BlackBerry Porsche revenue and luxurious
amount blackberry.


Also, The present BlackBerry's new types, including Passport,
Q20 can offer entire aid for China Unicom's 2G, 3G, 4G band, no
longer exists previous to Z10, Q10 to 4G band help domestic incomplete
question, with the network can meet up with the domestic needs of buyers.


The similar investigate operate continues to be carried out


Lately, the writer discovered from educated sources, The present
Blackberry is thru quite a few sales channels to enter the domestic
current market Chinese investigation work. These channels to Blackberry presents
analysis of some potential the corporate solutions to enter the market soon after
Chinese may well facial area difficulties. But the trouble lies in The dearth of emphasis
localization Blackberry cell phone application issues.

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This blog for people discussion of your meitu mobilephone.

more and more people lve meitu mobilephone.

Last night, the science and technology held a press conference in Beijing, officially released a new generation of mobile phone Mito, Mito mobile phone named M4. Compared to the previous generation products, mobile phone M4 beauties in appearance almost does not have what difference, but there is not a small upgrade configuration. In contrast, the previous generation products, although the screen size and resolution, but is equipped with MT6592 eight core 1.7GHz processor, dual front and rear 13000000 pixel camera SONY is also on the generation of IMX135, but does not support the 4G network and the dual frequency Wi-Fi. Mito M4 moonlight white and dazzling red, mint green three colors, as well as the Hello Kitty special edition. Mito phone M4 Standard Edition (32GB) is priced at 2199 yuan, Hello Kitty special edition is priced at 2499 yuan.

As in the past, Mito mobile phone M4 is the main red line, after all, is more like the beautiful women, charming color. In addition, mint green, white moon a total of three kinds of color

The fuselage can see huge front camera, pixel value as high as 13000000, the stack back illuminated camera.

Front of the machine is arranged at the lower part of the Android mobile phone used three virtual backlit buttons, from left to right are the menu key, the HOME key and back key. Because of back uses the same curved battery grip is very comfortable.

The M4 is equipped with a 13000000 pixel rear camera SONY new generation: have a much better noise reduction technology, excellent color reproduction capabilities, more suitable for low light shooting large aperture.Mito specifically in the fuselage side to arrange a camera shutter button, when the girl with the self timer, you can easily use the thumb to press the shutter, very easy to use.
In a wprd love meitu mobilephone!