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Select the elegant purple bridesmaid dresses for a wedding

There are so many style to choose from, the bridesmaid dress should be according to the theme of the wedding, if it is a romantic wedding, all weddings are romantic after all, if the theme of the wedding will be Victorian, you can wear a Victorian inspired bridesmaid dress, a long dress with empire waist with sleeves for an authentic appearance. If you want a more contemporary style you can choose an empire waist bridesmaid dress knee length for the ceremony and for an elegant reception you can choose a long dress empire waist. The color is also very important, should be selected according with the theme of the wedding and according with the color of the decoration. No other color will give you a royal and elegant appearance such as purple.


Purple is the favorite color of many brides, and they choose shades of purple in their wedding decoration, and purple Bridesmaid Dresses, every women likes a shade of purple from lavender, lilac, eggplant or dark purple. Purple gives an air of sophistication, royalty, prestige, perfect color for special occasions such as weddings. If the bridesmaids have different figure and empire waist dress will compliment all figures making everyone look outstanding. A purple empire waist bridesmaid dress is the perfect choice. You can choose from a multitude of shades light purple, lavender, lilac, eggplant, dark purple.


Bridesmaid dress styles available in purple include these gorgeous knee length prom dresses both from the Debut Collection. They have a more traditional style and would be perfect for the bride who wants a deep purple or vibrant purple bridesmaid dress with the darker purple being an ideal choice for a late autumn or winter wedding.

For a more contemporary purple Empire Waist Wedding Dresses option two dresses stood out. Both in a striking shade of purple, these are ideal for younger bridesmaids. The asymmetric shoulder strap style is enhanced using corsages giving these dresses a more feminine look and are ideal for summer weddings where you want your color choice to stand out.


Options for purple are typical classical, purple are divided into several kinds, they are dark or light, and every kind will give a different effect. The world is colorful, so as our clothing. Decorate your wedding with romantic purple, and enjoy your unique time.

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Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses for Wedding 2015

Forget the traditional concept of all bridesmaids in the same dress and the exact same color, this season we are all about change and making trends more accessible and affordable than ever before-external links for paying members only, brides can remain stress-free without having to worry about getting the colors to match perfectly to just about everything or worry about ensuring all maids are in the same length gown. It’s all about letting loose and getting laid back for the best day of your lives.

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Same dress, different colors

A popular theme at the moment is to mix and match colors, but use the same dress, this not only looks beautiful if done properly, but it also helps please the bridesmaids as they will have the chance to choose a color that suits their complexion and hair color, providing that is links in with the specific theme and other dress colors.

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watercolor inspired mismatched bridesmaid dresses styles

 Same dress, different necklines

We all know that when it comes to dresses different shapes and designs flatter different ladies, so if you’re set on the color and dress, but want to make your ladies happy, then we suggest altering the neckline, it really doesn’t matter how many have strapless, one shoulder or halter neck, a random mix will still look brilliant on the day.




Different dress, same color

If only changing the neckline just won’t do, then why not change the dress completely? Because the dresses are in the same color the bridesmaids will still look very formal, but will offer something a little different.






Different dress in different shades of same color

One exciting trend that brides are going crazy for this year is using tonal shades of one color and also using a different design for each shade. We love the ombre look as it looks so pretty and refreshing and is well suited to spring and summer seasons, although it can be pulled off during any month. Because each dress comes in a slightly different color it means the dress can be quite different too, ranging from short to long lengths, a different neckline and even a different waistline and bodice.



light blue mismatched bridesmaid dress color ideas

Completely different dresses

Bohemian and rustic styled weddings are really helping to make casual dress extremely fashionable right now.  Bridesmaids have slowly evolved from the traditional one dress and one color into a variety of mismatched ideas that have resulted in a successful line up of happy maids. Why not even go as far as mixing bold floral printed dresses, with solid one color floaty gowns?




Special dress for the maid of honor

Sometimes wedding photos don’t really highlight the important parts of the day or the most important people, when we view wedding photos it’s almost impossible to know who is the maid of honor, and with that in mind many brides are choosing to honor their most important person with a special dress of their own, that way everyone knows just how important they are.


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Choose a bridesmaid dress that could satisfy all of your bridesmaids

Choose your bridesmaid dresses is necessary for your wedding, if you could make everyone looks wonderful, your job is done! If your bridesmaids want to pick their dresses by themselves, since you may not be able to please everyone, you do not want to pick dresses that are unflattering on anyone. In fact, many times conservative choices are those that offer a classic look instead of a trendy one. Time has proven this style of bridesmaid’s dresses will work well on all women.

If you buy the bridesmaid dresses for your bridesmaids as gift, you should keep the price of a bridesmaid’s gown in mind. No matter how much you love the gown, it should be reasonably priced for any bridesmaid, cheap bridesmaid dresses may also be beautiful. A bridesmaid is a person that you want to share in your wedding, and therefore, you should be as considerate and thoughtful as possible to all bridesmaids while choosing your gowns. Click here