2 years ago

You can buy name changes with gold

They got me anyways and I have no idea how.

Anyone else having the same problem as me? the game freezes when i party up&nb read more...

2 years ago

Neople and DFO

Neople just just said"fk you and we dont give a damn of what you think of fp we are keeping it"glad i could clear things up.

Bruh... true fans of the game know it starded with FP, is gonna end with FP and love it that way. You read more...

2 years ago

A few questions about FFXIV

So I finally got my second class and I realized a few things I was wondering about.

Doing a search online it says you get a stat point every level to put on and I'm fairly certain it said that ingame to however looking at my characte read more...

3 years ago

guide for FFXIV beginners

I name embarrassing, often mixed betta believe FF14 area is no stranger to my friends. Because there are many close friends recently wanted into the pit, but suffer from verbal communication, data sources and various problems that the game is very read more...