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CRIB Advisors Mentors Singapore - Team

CRIB Advisors Mentors Singapore - Team

Elaine Woon


Elaine is our CRIB Operations Director. She brings to the team business development and marketing communications experience in the financial services industry in addition to her six years’ stint in the non-profit industry. She manages funding and communications and oversees membership and events while engaging stakeholders to drive initiatives that positively impact the organization. Her ABC Entrepreneur Profile is Business Manager.


Rachel Teo


Rachel is our CRIB Match Director, overseeing the business plan reviews, Match Mixer and Pitch Perfect sessions.  Prior to her current regional marketing lead role at Microsoft, she held various roles in retail, events management, product marketing and strategy within the retail and ICT industry. Rachel is passionate about technology and women empowerment and how both of this can impact family lives and society. Rachel and her husband, Justin have a son, Lucas. Her ABC Entrepreneur Profile is Business Manager.


Megha Singh


Megha is our CRIB Events Director, where she coordinates our overall CRIB event calendar and event outreach. Megha is a post graduate in mass communication and has worked in the communications industry for the last 9 years. She has recently set up her own consultancy, Megha Singh Communications, to cater to the communication needs of small businesses in the creative, technology and lifestyle industries. Megha is a published writer and writes fiction and poetry in her spare time. Her ABC Entrepreneur Profile is Business Manager.


Ricci Lim


Ricci is one of our CRIB Project Managers and is currently helping with our SG50 Women for Women Initiative. She hopes to see all women support each other and grow in CRIB. After a decade working in human resource consulting advising international clients in talent acquisition for Asia Pacific, Ricci is currently running an executive search firm for healthcare and life science practices based in Singapore. Ricci is passionate about people, business start-ups, leadership development and management. She loves her family and enjoys spending time with her husband, Ethan and their son, Caden. Her ABC Entrepreneur Profile is Business Manager.


Germaine Tan


Germaine is one of our CRIB Project Managers, most recently acting as our members liaison. Malaysian born, she relocated to Singapore from Sydney two years ago. Germaine is passionate about helping females find self-worth, strength and purpose in their lives through a female empowerment program called Shine. She left her job at a bank in 2015 to explore the possibilities of being an entrepreneur, and joined CRIB to be with like-minded women on the same journey. Germaine is thrilled to expect her first baby in December 2015. Her ABC Entrepreneur Profile is Business Manager.


Carol Chan


Carol is one of our CRIB volunteers, coordinating our mentoring and coaching initiatives offered under CRIB Equip. She is a corporate strategy and business development analyst with a regional investment bank. Prior to that, she worked as an equity research analyst, product manager and investment analyst. Carol has a keen interest in financial markets, entrepreneurship and process improvement, and hopes to connect with like-minded individuals through CRIB. Her ABC Entrepreneur Profile is Business Manager.


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Bacall Development: 5 reasons to renovate a commercial property

A lot of commercial property owners want their properties to stay where it is because its location is part of their long-term plan and finding or building a new structure involves a lot of money. If you want to improve the value of your property, Bacall Development suggests that you renovate it.


Bacall Development and its associates is a firm that executes an advanced upgrade to a property. It can also handle every aspect of property redevelopment and the ground-up development process. The Bacall team provided the following good reasons why you should renovate a commercial property.




You can achieve improved traffic for your business if you choose to renovate a commercial property. Additional promotional opportunities could happen if people keeps on talking about your commercial property renovation, which can result in a new advertising campaign. You can also attract new people to your space by renovating your commercial property while improving your building investment.




Attaining more effective operations is possible with a renovated commercial property because providing more space for your staff can help them perform their tasks better than before. Enhanced efficiency within your staff members will do great for your business, right?


Changes can also happen to a business in an instant, so performing renovation to your property is often needed to deal with those changes. Note that renovation requires careful thinking because future operations depend on this matter.




A commercial property renovation is necessary to accommodate more equipment. This way, more opportunities and improved works await your business. Installing new wiring, IT systems, and other machinery can deliver more worthwhile results.




Your renovation plans may include new energy efficient changes to save costs in the future like upgrading the heating and cooling systems along with the windows and insulation. The green market offers excellent products to the public often that are designed to make your property more energy efficient.


Low rates


Take advantage of the low pricing and commercial loan rates because interest rates are low today based on reviews, and there's the option of the US Small Business Administration 504 Loan as well. Take advantage of those in case you need a loan to finish your commercial renovation.


Contact Bacall Development in case you need help in construction. Look for their contact details on their official website. You can be certain that your business will have efficient operations in the future with their service. Drawing the interest of many customers to your business is one of the several things that commercial property renovation can give to you.

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How the world’s wealthy hide millions offshore - from their spouses

How the world’s wealthy hide millions offshore - from their spouses

Why an Alaska plastic surgeon took a sudden road trip to Panama with millions of dollars

When Michael Brandner, a plastic surgeon in Anchorage, packed his bags and drove more than 4,000 miles from Washington state to Costa Rica in 2007, he wasn’t just getting away from it all. Not long before, Brandner’s wife of 28 years had filed for a divorce. According to a later indictment and court documents, the doctor "collected" $3 million of his and his wife’s assets, converted them into cashier’s checks and set off on a secret trip.

In Costa Rica, Brandner opened a bank account to deposit some of the money and put a thousand ounces of gold in a safety deposit box. Then he traveled to Panama, where he opened an account in the name of a sham organization, Dakota Investment, according to prosecutors' documents from the case. In 2008, he deposited $4.6 million into the account. Brandner also did not report the accounts to the Internal Revenue Service. During the divorce proceedings, Brandner claimed the money was tied up in these investments and could not be returned, and that the investments were then lost.

Brandner went to all this trouble, the Justice Department says, to conceal assets from his wife, who could have been awarded some of them. Ultimately, U.S. investigators seized the assets. The doctor pleaded not guilty to the charges, but on April 4 of this year, he was sentenced to 48 months in prison for wire fraud and tax evasion.

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Brandner's case draws attention to a less widely recognized use of offshore accounts -- hiding assets from a spouse in divorce -- that was highlighted by the leak this month of the Panama Papers, which contain many details about the secretive offshore companies and accounts of public officials, drug kingpins and money launderers. The Washington Post has not reviewed the 11.5 million documents.

Brandner declined to be interviewed directly, but his lawyer, Randall Ensminger, offered several defenses. He says that Brandner did not evade taxes on purpose — he just didn’t know that he needed to file for the offshore accounts — and that he took the money to Panama not to defraud his wife but to protect their assets during a time of emotional upheaval in their relationship. Brandner's intent in taking the money to Panama was "to protect it on behalf of his heirs," says Ensminger.

Experts in the industry say that Americans are still hiding money offshore from litigious spouses and tax officials alike, but it is getting harder for them to do so. In the last few years, the Obama administration and the Treasury department have erected staggering penalties for those who hide their wealth offshore, as well as many new reporting requirements, says Daniel Jones, a forensic accountant who specializes in the issue.

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U.S. Boiler Company: Contact Us


PLEASE NOTE:  U.S. Boiler Company, Inc. is the manufacturer of quality hydronic heating products. U.S. Boiler Company exclusively sells its products to selected plumbing and heating distributors throughout the United States and Canada. These distributors, in turn, sell U.S. Boiler Company products, along with a host of related accessories to independent installing contractors and dealers. The contractors and dealers provide the installation and servicing of, not only the boiler, but of the entire home heating system. A boiler is not a complete system unto itself. It requires pipes, valves, fittings, and a method for radiating the boiler’s heat into the home and involves products from various manufacturers. Therefore it is important for you to choose a qualified contractor/dealer for your heating system needs.


U.S. Boiler Company as a product manufacturer does NOT, in any way, engage in, provide or offer installation or servicing capabilities for heating system products. U.S. Boiler Company does supply an online list as provided by these contractors/dealers as a service to homeowners, but does not recommend, endorse, authorize, or certify any specific contractor, dealer or their companies.


As a homeowner, your primary contact regarding repairs, sales, and service should be your local contractor.


As a contractor, your primary contact should be your distributor or local sales representative.


Hours of Operation:
Monday – Thursday: 7:45am to 4:45pm (Eastern Time)
Friday: 7:45am to 3:30pm
Phone: 717-397-4701
Fax: 866-855-6078

All correspondence should be sent to:
U.S. Boiler Company, Inc.
Customer Service
P.O. Box 3020
Lancaster, PA 17604
Consumer Toll free: 1-888-432-8887


General Inquiry
Please Note: We are a manufacturer and do NOT install or service any products.

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Bennett Jones Lawyers and Advisors Group Intellectual Property Law

With one of the larger intellectual property groups in a top-tier business law firm in the country, we provide comprehensive depth and breadth in IP-related transactions, IP enforcement work (including FTO opinions) and the filing and prosecution of Canadian and U.S. and international patents and trademarks. We also offer a wide range of services related to other forms of IP, such as copyright, designs and confidential information.


Our Group includes a large number of Trade-Mark Agents and provides searching, clearance, filing, prosecution, opposition and related registration services supported by a wide range of trademark transactional services. Filing and prosecution services are offered in Canada, the United States and internationally by virtue of treaty provisions. We also enforce and litigate trademark rights in the courts and address Internet-related trademark issues.


Our Group includes a large number of Patent Agents and, where recognized in Ontario, includes three Certified Specialists in Patent Law. The patent team provides searching, clearance, filing, prosecution and related patent services supported by a wide range of patent transactional services. Filing and prosecution services are offered in Canada, the United States and internationally by virtue of treaty provisions. We also enforce and litigate patent rights in the courts.


The Intellectual Property Group provides practical advice to conclude complex cross-border IP transactions in an efficient manner. We seek to maximize the value of our clients’ intellectual property portfolios while providing timely, solutions-oriented advice to help our global clients manage the minefield of IP risks faced when entering the Canadian market. Offering world-wide scope and interdisciplinary capabilities, we also work closely with our experienced litigators to efficiently and creatively safeguard our clients’ businesses when disputes arise over the alleged misuse or misappropriation of intellectual property.


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Eagan Fraud Lawyer: Bradley John Haddy Attorney At Law, Minnesota Esqiure, L.L.C.

Minnesota Medicare Insurance Attorney


Aggressively Defending All Fraud Charges


White collar crimes are complicated offenses and the government has unlimited resources to investigate and prosecute them. Prosecutors will often spend more money than the crime is worth just to prove a point. Contact a lawyer who knows what prosecutors are looking for when charging you.


Call me, Bradley John Haddy, Attorney at Law, in Eagan, Minnesota. I know how government regulatory agencies operate and how they prosecute suspects. I will work directly with you and keep you informed through every phase of the process. Contact me for a free initial consultation in confidence.


Fraud and White Collar Crime


I effectively represented clients accused of:


- Securities fraud - Any type of manipulation including insider trading, "parking," "front-running," and cases where stock options were backdated to a lower price and then sold at a higher price


- Social Security fraud - Lying about your health or a disability in order to receive benefits


- Corporate fraud - Corporate officers stealing from the company


- Theft by deception - Taking assets by means of telephone scams and pyramid schemes

I also defend people accused of insurance fraud, Medicare fraud, tax fraud and bank fraud. You are open to hefty fines and federal incarceration if convicted. Because these cases are often won or lost in the investigation phase, you should contact me right away.