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How To Repair Samsung Galaxy Mega Screen

How To Repair Samsung Galaxy Mega Screen

Did you accidentally crack the touch screen of your Samsung Galaxy Mega and don’t you know how to have it fixed? Service centers are very often too slow and expensive; but, if you have dexterity enough, you may try to repair it by yourself. It’s quite simple, and you will save time and money. 

STEP 1: Turn off the phone, then remove the back cover and the battery:
STEP 2: Now screw off all the screws from the back of the device.
STEP 3:  Now, gently remove the middle frame with a plectrum or a plastic tool, levering between the glass and the frame itself.
STEP 4: Disconnect the connectors.
Now, unstick the volume rocker keys, helping with a plastic tool. Be gentle and avoid doing it with your fingers because you could damage them. Then tear out the flat connector and the antenna connector as shown below.
STEP 5: We suggest to remove the motherboard, too: you will have more space in order to unglue the touch screen. Remove the screw holding the motherboard and lift it gently:
STEP 6: Perfect! Now you’re ready to dislodge the touch screen (together with the Samsung Galaxy Mega LCD) from the frame. With a hair dryer or a heat gun, heat the edges of the glass for 1-2 minutes, in order to make the biadhesive easier to tear out.
STEP 7: Now apply a suction cup and raise the glass, then insert two thicknesses in the angles (we used two plectrums). Unstick the soft keys from the glass with a plastic tool. Make sure to free them from the biadhesive as you could rip off them.
STEP 8: Use a plastic tool to tear out the glass from the frame. If it’s too hard to remove, heat again the area; Anyway, be patient and gentle. Drive the LCD connector out of the phone and make sure that the soft keys aren’t damaged.
LAST STEP: Make sure that the spare part is equipped with biadhesive. If not, apply some on the edges and insert the new LCD. Reassemble the phone, following reversely the previous steps.  Complete your samsung galaxy mega lcd replacement .

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The Best iPhone/iPad/iPod Memory Stick iSafeFile Functions

-Local Storage
Add a New Folder After entering MFI 16G USB Disk Memory , the total preset 6 folders named Other, Backup, Movie, Files,Photos and Music could be seen, which are for your easy grouping of files.To create a new folder under a directory, please click the “+” sign in the lower left corner(Figure 1) and then enter its name to finish (Figure 2)

-Operations on Files
Click a file directly to modify it, or click a file and hold it for a while to open an operationmenu, from where you can rename, delete or copy a file, or click Cancel to return to the listinterface.

A file operation menu (Figure 1) will show up after clicking "Edit", you can then delete,copy, move, mail, encrypt or decrypt (Figure 2) the selected file. There will be a circle onthe left of each file, which will be checked when the file is selected. (Figure 3)

Important: this function will not work if no E-mail account is set.When you click Mail, the selected file will be sent as an E-mail attachment (Figure 1) andthe page will go to email writing interface (Figure 2)

After selecting a file, you may click "Move" to move it to any other directory location in MFI USB Memory Stick (Figure 1). As the interface is switched to local or external storage, click "Move to here" to move the file, or you may also create a new folder to which the file/folder is moved (Figure 2)

-Contacts backup
The contacts backup and restore function allow backing up contacts on your iDevice to this i-Drive or restore the contacts data backed up on this i-Drive to your iDevice. In the main menu of contacts, there will be two icons. The top one is for backing upcontacts while the lower one for restoring contacts.

-Backup Contacts:
Important: there will be no way to backup in case there is no contacts data. To backup contacts, please click Backup first and then click Enter to start the backup.