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A look at the rise and fall of South Korea's president

SEOUL: South Korean President Park Geun-hye, who faces impeachment this week, rose to power with the support of conservatives enamored of the economic growth ushered in by her late dictator father decades ago.

Even before the stunning fall of South Korea's first female president over allegations that she ceded government power to a corrupt confidante, Park's four years in office have been marred by a festering standoff with North Korea, a deadly ferry disaster and claims that she tried to curb free speech and labor rights.

A look at Park's rise and fall:



Park's father is Park Chung-hee, one of the most divisive figures in

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Donald Trump's black history fail

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Volkswagen places question mark over future of diesel technology - Phys.Org

Volkswagen may abandon diesel engine technology, says its chief Volkswagen may abandon diesel engine technology, says its chief

Volkswagen chief Matthias Mueller hinted in a newspaper interview that the embattled car giant could abandon diesel engine technology in the wake of the massive emissions-cheating scandal it is currently engulfed in.

"Against this background, we have to ask ourselves whether... we want to spend more money on the further development of diesel," Mueller told the business daily Handelsblatt, promising that VW would take a "fundamental" look at the issue.

Mueller pointed to tougher emissions legislation set to come into force in 2020.

"We have an inkling of what will follow in five or 10 years," he said.

"It's clear even today that treating exhaust gas fumes will become very costly and elaborate," he said.

At the same time, electric powered transport will become cheaper, Mueller added, while conceding that diesel technology remained very popular in Europe and in Germany.

VW was plunged into its deepest-ever crisis last September when it was revealed that it had installed emissions-cheating software into 11 million diesel engines worldwide.

Explore further: VW CEO: recall of cars hit by scandal to begin in January

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Parents called 911 to help suicidal daughter -- and 'police ended up putting a bullet in her'

Melissa Boartss family wasfrantic to find her.

They said the 36-year-old suffered frommanic depression and had beenthreatening to slit her wrists whenshe jumpedinto her car Sunday and went for a drive down Interstate 85, toward Auburn, Ala.

Her twin told the Montgomery Advertiser that shestarted tracking her sisters movementsviaGPS and calling outtherouteto their parents. At one point, they caught a glimpse of her SUV before shedisappeared.

Finally, she stopped.

We were afraid she was going to hurt herself, her mother,Terry Boarts, told the newspaper. We figured she was going to bleed out right there.

The parentscalled 911 for help.

But instead of as

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New images show seaplane that sank in Pearl Harbor attack - Miami Herald

New images of a large U.S. Navy seaplane that sank in Hawaii waters during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor show a coral-encrusted engine and reef fish swimming in and out of a hull.

The video and photos are the clearest images taken of the Catalina PBY-5 wreckage to date, said Hans Van Tilburg, a maritime archaeologist with the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries.

The seaplane had a wing span of 100 feet, about comparable to a modern-era Boeing 727 commercial jet. It now sits in pieces 30 feet below the surface in Kaneohe Bay next to a Marine Corps base, about 20 miles east of Pearl Harbor on the other side of Oahu.

There were an estimated six of these planes also called "flying boats" in the bay at the time of the attack, but Van Tilburg said nobody is sure what happened to the others.

The base, which was then a naval air station, was among several Oahu military installations attacked by Japanese planes on the morning of Dec. 7, 1941.

Van Tilburg said a mooring cable is still attached to the plane, but there are signs someone started the port engine before the plane sank. This indicates a crew may have died while attempting to take off as the aerial assault began.

The Catalina PBY-5 could hold an eight-man crew, and four 500-pound bombs.

Standard practice was to keep someone on the seaplanes at night to make sure the aircraft didn't drift off. There were aviator casualties in the water, but it's not known which planes they were on or when they got off, Van Tilburg said.

"That's one of the mysteries of the story," he said.

The seaplanes would have been priority targets because they could fly as far as 2,000 miles and would have been able to follow Japanese planes back to their aircraft carriers, Van Tilburg said.

Van Tilburg said the plane is a battlefield casualty, just like better-known counterparts like the USS Arizona and other vessels bombed in Pearl Harbor. Van Tilburg said Friday he imagines commanders rightfully assumed the plane was a total loss and not worth salvaging.

There's been no "dedicated discussion" to retrieving the plane, which is currently in three large pieces, he said. It would cost a great deal to stabilize it and bring it ashore.

The aluminum and other metals may leech over time, but that fact must be balanced with habitat the plane provides for fish and other marine life, Van Tilburg said. The site has become a living reef, he said.

The wreck helps tell the story of what happened at Kaneohe Bay, where 18 sailors and two civilians were killed. Sixty-nine others at the base were injured.

More than 2,400 sailors, Marines, soldiers and civilians were killed across Oahu in the Japanese attack.

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The GOP Ignores the Bigger Terror Threat?from the Right - Daily Beast

They slam Obama because he wont say radical Islam. But why wont the Republicans acknowledge radical white terrorists?

I want surveillance of certain mosques, bellowed Donald Trump to his followers at a campaign rally in Birmingham, Alabama over the weekend. Ted Cruz recently declared that it would be lunacy to allow Muslim refugees into the United States because they could be jihadists coming here to kill Americans. And in the aftermath of the Paris attacks, Marco Rubio exclaimed that in order to keep Americans safe, we need to be vigilant in our war against radical Islam.

The threat posed by ISIS is real and must be forcefully addressed. But if these Republicans truly want to

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6 Americans Among 14 Dead After Military Plane Crashes in Afghanistan

Fourteen people -- including six Americans -- were killed when a U.S. Air Force C-130J transport aircraft crashed in eastern Afghanistan as it was approaching the airport in Jalalabad, officials said.

The Air Force said six U.S. service members and five civilian contractors were killed when the plane crashed at Jalalabad Airfield after midnight Friday local time. A defense official said there were at least an additional three Afghan locals who were killed on the ground as a result of the crash.

The nationalities of the contractors weren't immediately released.

Another official said there were no initial indications the aircraft crashed as the result of hostile fire.

Two U.S. officials said that the aircraft was on approach to the airport when it crashed.

The C-130 is a workhorse in Afghanistan serving as both a cargo and personnel transport capable of landing on short runways which allows it to touch down in remote areas.

There are still 9,800 American military troops serving in Afghanistan as part of a training mission that is set to conclude at the end of next year. Most of the American service members conduct their training at a small number of large bases located in Afghanistan, including Forward Operating Base Fenty which is located in Jalalabad and has served as a major operations hub for the past decade.

The C-130J is the most modern version of the storied transport aircraft and is equipped with some of the most sophisticated navigational equipment.