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The DC Design House Raises Money for Charity - in Style Video

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Now Playing: Gas Station 'Skimmers' Target Credit Card Information

Now Playing: Donald Trump Invites President Obama's Half-Brother to Debate

Now Playing: Pilot Error Cited in Ohio Plane Crash That Killed 9

Now Playing: 2 Divers Found Dead in Dangerous Underwater Caves

Now Playing: 11-Year-Old Catches Alleged Burglar in the Act

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Now gift ideas for boaters Playing: Students Shot at San Francisco High School

Now Playing: Record-Breaking October Heat Wave

Now Playing: Colorado Air Force Base Says Leaky Tank Released 150,000 Gallons of gift ideas for boaters PFC-Contaminated Water

Now Playing: 3 Students Shot Outside San Francisco High School: Police

Now Playing: Police Dash Cam Catches High-Speed Collision During Traffic Stop

Now Playing: 11-Year-Old Walks In on Home Invader

Now Playing: Bodies of 2 Divers Recovered From Underwater Caves

Now Playing: 2 Divers Found Dead in Underwater Cave in Florida

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Learn to code, get a job

Story highlightsDouglas Rushkoff: Americans should be learning computer code the way we learn mathLearning to code teaches us what programs do, how they're used on us, he says A free Web-based interactive tutorial makes it possibleRushkoff: Programmers in demand; employers hire code-savvy workers from abroadThis week, New York's Mayor Michael Bloomberg tweeted his intent to learn computer code by the end of the year. He joined about 300,000 other people who have signed up at CodeYear to receive free interactive programming lessons each week from the Codecademy, a web-based tutorial. I am greatly relieved.

It's time Americans begin treating computer code the way we do the alphabet or

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Marketing Consulting Services

What is Marketing Consulting?

Business Coaching Services | Business Consulting Services | Strategic Marketing Process

A marketing consultant is someone who truly understands that marketing is crucial to business success and penetration. Marketing and innovation are the two drivers of prime value. Everything else is an extension. I know that technologists would disagree with that today and Im not going to argue it. But in a pure sense, marketing is the critical force that drives the flow of revenue into the business, keeping it going and growing. It keeps the business vi

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Apple Juice Vs Apple Cider

What is the difference between apple juice and apple cider? Apple juice Site Engine is a processed juice that is obtained by pressing and crushing the apples and filtering the juice off the pectin and starch content. The clear one is devoid of the starch and pectin content and hence, the cloudy apple drink is suggested to be healthier due to the higher content of antioxidants in it. Hence, it is important that the hard cider is pasteurized before use. There are two kindscloud and clear. Apart from its antioxidant properties, it is also an instant energy drink with no fat content. However, unpasteurized cider, if not prepared hygienically, can prove perilous