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The SCOOTER Store, Hoveround blasted by lawmakers, physicians

WASHINGTON TV ads show smiling seniors enjoying an "active" lifestyle on a motorized scooter, taking in the sights at the Grand Canyon, fishing on a pier and high-fiving their grandchildren at a baseball game.

The commercials, which promise freedom and independence to people with limited mobility, have driven the nearly $1 billion U.S. market for power wheelchairs and scooters. But the spots by the industry's two leading companies, The SCOOTER Store and Hoveround, also have drawn scrutiny from doctors and lawmakers, who say they create the false impression that scooters are a convenient means of transportation rather than a medical necessity.

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Oxygen Therapy Pros and Cons

Oxygen Therapy is the administration of oxygen as a restorative or therapeutic process. Oxygen Therapy can be administered in both acute and chronic cases, it increases the body's supply of oxygen. The subject of oxygen therapy is strongly debated as there are many pro's and con's to support the benefits and damages that oxygen therapy can provide.


The prevalence of lung disease ranks as the number three killer in America. Many of these diseases include asthma, sarcoidosis, pulmonary hypertension, influenza and pulmonary fibrosis. These diseases in their later stages are treated with oxygen therapy. normal blood saturation levels are 95-97%. When an individuals levels fall below the 90% level , the physician will prescribe oxygen therapy. Oxygen in the form of gas cylinders doesn't expel any heat into the environment, the cylinders are portable, and do not require electricity. This form of oxygen can be very beneficial to the patient, who needs to be mobile, they can carry their portable oxygen concentrator cylinder with them without the worry of and electrical outlet to plug it into.


There are also drawbacks to using gas cylinder oxygen that should be explored. The contents in the cylinder are under pressure, and if it is dropped or falls, could cause damage to people and property, as the cylinder could potentially explode. Small tanks can only carry a minimal amount of content, and leave you without enough oxygen if you plan to be out for long periods of time. This could be an inconvenience if you can't back home before it runs out. Large tanks are for stationary use only, because they are heavy and cumbersome. If you don't have smaller tanks, you don't have the mobility to leave the home, for even the smallest errands. Large tanks also take up space in your home, depending on the size of your room.


There are many types of oxygen therapy available to patients for home care. Your physician will prescribe the oxygen that best your needs. The various types of oxygen could include an oxygen that releases vapors, a gas oxygen, or a concentration oxygen. All of the oxygen therapies has pro's and con's, again your physician will choose the best therapy possible for you, the in home patient.

Oxygen therapy has its good, and not so good points. The point is millions of people are using it, and will continue to use it. More research has to be done to reduce the hazards of oxygen therapy, because it is not without some risk or hazard. In most cases the pro's outweigh the con's. Again the key to it all is what is good for the individual patient, this is the deciding factor. Your oxygen therapy can be prescribed to fit your needs.


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Is The LifeChoice Activox The Best Option For you?

Today we will focus in on the LifeChoice Activox portable oxygen concentrator. The Activox falls into the category of smaller POCs, weighing less than 5 pounds. If this sounds like a unit you are in the market for, read on and we will discuss all of the facts about the Activox. The Activox weighs only [...]

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The holiday season has arrived, and you might be looking to purchase a new or used portable oxygen concentrator, so today we are going to lay out the facts regarding the SeQual Eclipse 3, one of the most popular units on the market. SeQual has become a s

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CNN - FAA probes shipment of oxygen generators on Air France


Oxygen generator Passenger and cargo flights suspected July 29, 1997

Web posted at: 6:56 p.m. EDT (2256 GMT)

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Officials in the United States and France are investigating how more than 900 undeclared oxygen generators may have been shipped into the United States earlier this year aboard two Air France flights.

Shipments of the generators on passenger planes have been

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The Incredibly Beneficial Uses of Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen therapy is an essential treatment option for patients suffering from a number of respiratory diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD. Scientists have thought up different ways of solving this problem and have finally come up with two technical solutions for long-term oxygen treatment: portable oxygen concentrators (POC), and liquid oxygen tanks. Long-term oxygen treatment is said to be an oxygen therapy that lasts for more than 15 hours a day.

POCs are machines that provide supplemental oxygen to a patient, by compressing atmospheric air to almost 4 atmospheres of pressure and discarding nitrogen out of this compressed air. This increases the concentration of oxygen in the compressed air. The older versions of these concentrators were bulky and unreliable. However, today's innovative concentrators are smaller in size, more reliable, i.e., they produce between 1 - 6 liters per minute (LPM) of Oxygen, and offer a high level of convenience and mobility. Liquid oxygen and compressed oxygen systems require large cylinders that have to be refilled and stored, or handled with care. However, a POC can be simply plugged into any electrical outlet, including a vehicle DC adapter. They also have rechargeable batteries that may be used when away from a power outlet.

Benefits of POC

Those suffering from a number of health problems might require supplemental oxygen as a part of their treatment protocol. There are essentially three basic methods to receive oxygen, namely through liquid oxygen tanks, compressed oxygen cylinders, and concentrators. The concentrators have a number of uses and benefits, when it comes to issues like the storage, travel, and safety. Here are some of the uses of POC:

Uses: The biggest advantage of a portable oxygen concentrator is its ease of use feature. User-friendly and easy to use, these systems are simply plugged into a basic electrical outlet. Most other systems like liquid oxygen tanks require large tanks, which are very heavy and are not designed to be portable.

Storage Purposes: Unlike compressed and liquid oxygen systems that require large cylinders to be stored in, they are easy to store.

Travel: Some portable concentrators can be plugged into the car's accessory outlet and come with special features like rechargeable batteries. Compressed tanks are not permitted in flights as they are classified as hazardous to life, whereas some concentrators have been approved by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).

Delivery: Compressed and liquid oxygen systems tanks need to be refilled from an equipment store. This can be highly inconvenient, as there is a set schedule involved. A concentrator on the other hand, does not require these tanks so there is no need to wait for delivery.

Safety: The pressure that compressed oxygen tanks are under is very high. So, they have to be handled with extreme care all the time. A concentrator does not have any of these safety hazards.

These benefits make a POC a better option than the other systems which involve storage of hazardous tanks at home.

Disclaimer: This Buzzle article is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.

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Mother kicked off Frontier flight over sick son's oxygen tank

A Las Vegas mother claims she was kicked off a flight to Orlando for bringing a portable oxygen tank onboard to be used by her infant son.

Yamile Quintero, who says her son Roman suffers from a heart murmur and has a chronic lung disease which makes it difficult for him to breathe, says she called Frontier before flying to confirm that the type of tank she had was acceptable.

"I asked and they were like, 'Yeah, as long as it's portable oxygen, you're fine. You can get on the plane," she told KSNV.

Quintero had planned to fly to Orlando to visit family over Mother's Day weekend and this was her first time bringing Roman on a plane.

But after boarding the aircraft, Quintero says a flight attendant told her she was not able to fly with the oxygen tank and was asked to disembark.

The FAA allows some portable oxygen tanks, but can also require a note from a doctor-- something Quintero was not aware of. Frontier's website also has a list of FAA approved oxygen concentrators, but the mother said she thought she had gone through the proper channels to verify that her son would have what he needed to fly.

A Frontier Airlines spokesperson told local station KRTK that Quintero needed an FAA-approved oxygen concentrator which is different from a tank.

Richard Oliver, a Frontier Airlines representative, said, "Our agent responded and said yes portable oxygen is allowed on the plane and continues to say that if you want to make sure your device is allowed on the plane, you can check out website."

Quintero says she was still "humiliated" by the ordeal.

"I did all the proper protocols. I called, I double checked at the door, I double checked at the gate, I double checked everywhere. I called and I did everything. I followed all the procedures and I'm getting kicked off the plane like I'm some type of criminal," she said.

"Multiple times I stated it was a portable oxygen tank. And they said it was fine, and it wasn't. And they kicked me off the plane for it and humiliated me."

Oliver said the airline apologized to Quintero and offered her son an approved oxygen concentrator. "We do certainly apologize for the confusion that occurred at the airport."

Though she did eventually make it to Orlando, the mother wasn't satisfied with the airline's response.

"They took my first Mother's Day away from me."

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